Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Future Bachelor

Cade: I broke up with Zellie today. *Completely calm*
Me: Really? Why?
Cade: She coughed on my food! That is so nasty.
Me: Wow!
Cade: Yeah and she cried like a big baby!!! *Giggling*
Me: Well someday a girl will break up with you and you'll cry like a big baby.
Cade: No I won't! *Laughing* I'll just go get another girlfriend!

Apparently he and Jason have more in common then I would like to believe. Run Molly. Run.


  1. Hah! I guess I needed to watch the Bachelor.

  2. Hey! My comments come through as anonymous!
    It's your pal, witchypoo.

  3. Cade: No I won't! *Laughing* I'll just go get another girlfriend!

    And then one day he wakes up and he's 37 and has a coupla kids and realizes IT AIN'T THAT EASY ANYMORE!!!

    Oh wait... that was me.

  4. What a heartbreaker!!!!

    Seriously, about Jason... Was that for real, do you think? I mean, who would DO something like that???

    Glad to see you blogging, hope everyone is well. LOVE the new look!

  5. that cracked me up! i love how easy things are in the minds of children. :)

  6. Oh, man I am hiding my daughter! You people stay in that cold state of yours! You stay away from Missouri!

  7. That's too funny! Oh, I'm scared for the days of boyfriends and girlfriends! It's coming way too soon though!

  8. What a heartbreaker. Better watch him.

  9. Well isn't he quite the player.

  10. All he'll have to do is turn those eyes on and they'll be sunk!

  11. Love the chages to your site!!

  12. Oh boy. I love the name Zellie, by the way. Never heard of it before!

  13. LOL, too funny! He's got the right idea!


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