Monday, April 28, 2008

Cold Blooded Killer

Norm has usually been pottied and put to bed by the time Mark gets home from work. However Saturday I got home from work late which meant Norm received his meal way past his usual time. So Mark was left to put him out before bed. Not really that much of a chore.

Sunday morning Peyton put him out and I headed to church. When I returned home Norm was napping in his crate. I noticed an odor and thought that I had better wash his blankets...after I took my nap with Ava.

Later in the afternoon Peyton came SCREAMING into the kitchen "Norm has a rabbit!!! I looked out to see Norm happily carrying the upper portion of a cuddly bunny around the back yard. Gleefully throwing it into the air and catching it, then shaking it wildly. I hollered at him to drop it and he completely ignored me. I do NOT do carcasses. Especially those of cute, fuzzy critters. Luckily my neighbor was home and he quickly came over to take care of it for me. Aside from some tears from Ava and Cade I thought the carnage was over.

While I was getting Ava ready for bed it dawned on me...or should I say the smell reminded me...that I still needed to wash the rabbit killers blankets. So I went to his crate and got on my knees. I reached into his den, grabbed a blanket and pulled it out. Like a scene from Fatal Attraction intestines from a petite lapin fell in to my lap. I jumped up screaming like a B movie queen and scared Her Majesty's half to death.

I managed to beg Amonte to put the remains and blankets into the trash. I was left to clean the crate. Complete with blood, bunny hair and a tooth. Needless to say I did not sleep well last night.


  1. sick sick sick. Dogs are nasty creatures.

  2. First off, you haven't lived until you've cleaned up barf that was re-eaten by a dog and then re-barfed back up.

    Second, dead bunny remains are also a downer.

    Third - I like your blog's new look!

  3. Nice new banner but I miss the part about shopping! LOL.

    I've had a cat who used to bring home baby bunnies, birds, snakes, chipmunks and all kinds of things. Most of them were still alive although a little worse for the wear. And I actually had been known to go outside at midnight to rescue little bunnies from my cats.

  4. my freaking toy poodle killed the bunny i got for my 8th birthday on my living room floor. not a big mess, but that was the end of having a bunny as a pet. dang, that is one hell of a nasty mess you had to deal with - GROSS!

  5. Wow! Dogs are just that way aren't they! Unfortunately they don't know any better & must think they are doing the right thing?? Regrets that you are the one who had to return home & clean up the contraban that Norm managed to smuggle into the house/cage.

  6. love the new look! Did you win a contest?
    Dogs do some really gross things, but the only gross mess I had to deal with was a hamster in my dog's poop.

  7. Dogs are nasty! This is why we do not have one.
    I had a German Shepard for years and since we live in a rural area she ran around in the woods alot. And she was a killer. Her favorite kill was ground hogs. At times, she would drag whole deer carcasses into our yard. She was an outside dog so thank goodness I never had to deal with anything in the house because it was freaking disgusting.
    I made my ex take her when we split, I couldn't deal with all that on my own.

  8. Oh didn't?!?!

    Yuck! I think I would have ran out of the house! I would not be able to deal. Dogs are so gross! The only thing mine has killed is a mouse. And he didn't mutilate it. However he did carry it around for a good hour playing with it in the yard in Maine.

    Gross Norm. Gross Gross Gross!

  9. we had two bunnies that lived in a cage when i was about 10. they chewed through the wooden part of their cage to "freedom". our dog at the time, skipper, who was no larger than they were, made quick work of them and carried their heads around in his mouth as he ran about our yard.

    thanks for bringing back that flood of memories.

    gross story. nice to see you back.

  10. I would have FREAKED OUT! Seriously, ew! I would have screamed bloody murder (after all, wasn't that what it was?!) and got the hell out of there, MADE my husband come home and clean it up, and probably never stick my hands inside that crate again.
    I do not do guts.

    Blood, bunny hair and a tooth?! Gee, thanks so much for sharing such a lovely picture...

    glad to have you back!

  11. ewwwwwwwww. ewwwwwww. excuse me while I go barf.


    Most disgusting? It wasn't a mess, but it was the 120 lb Great Dane that got sprayed by a skunk.

    And I love the new look, too!

  12. Wow, just wow. I think that takes the cake of any gross thing I've cleaned up. Including puked up pghlemy-water barf. Or the runs. Or even sliding my way barefoot through a mound of cold, wet cat puke.

    Yeah, those are nasty but yours is STILL the grossest!

  13. when I was 11 I stepped in a pile of rabbit guts next to my bed, then I discovered the decapitated rabbit in my closet. This was done by my de-clawed cat!!

  14. Yuck, Yuck, Double Yuck! I think you just talked me out of ever getting a dog!!!
    Since I dont have one my story of woe does not compare. The day I went into labor with William I came home from my Doctor's Appt to find dog s%#t tracked through out my whole house. Bedrooms and all. My darling hubby had taken the trash out and stepped in it and was trying to be helpful and went up and got the kids clothes and took them into the bathroom to give them a tubby. All with the sh*&ty sneakers on! Oh I cried as I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors in every room in my house! I think it put me into labor!!

  15. Damn...
    1. I like the new look.
    2. I'd never go near the crate again, if I were you.
    3. I am soooo glad I have cats!!

  16. Ewwweee...
    Didn't see that coming...

  17. Oh yuck, yuck, yuck! My dogs caught and ate a squirrel when they were puppies and it cost a few hundred dollars to get whatever bacterial infection they caught fixed. Bunny innards... not exactly what one wants to see right before bed. UGH.

  18. We just got rid of our dog, and the back yard was sick. They are such disgusting creatures.

  19. Last year when I was recuperating from surgery, one of our Cairn Terriers brought a dead rabbit into the bedroom and gutted it, as a gift for me. You are not alone, but he is just a dog.

    Dog, and cats, are animals. They're hunters by ancestry. We've had dogs that killed, dogs that just hunter, kinda catch and release, and dogs that just didn't care.

    Keep the dog.

  20. YUCK! I don't think I could've cleaned the crate out, on second hand I would've been stuck doing it. Mine hasn't brought anything home yet thankfully.
    Glad to see you back.

  21. Oh my! Bad Norm! Bad Norm!

    Well being the mother of 3 dogs I have many dog barfing (and barf eating) stories, but perhaps my most petrifying was the night my Siberian Husky tried to bring in what I thought was a dead opossum. Turns out it was just playing dead and was gone within the half hour, but until then I was just dreading the necessity of having to SCOOP a dead opossum off the deck prior to letting the furry beasts out in the morning! YUCK!
    The other nasty story includs all three dogs, one entire day and a FULL dirty diaper pail. I actually wrote a poem about it called Poopy Christmas. I'll repost it this year:)

  22. My old dog killed EVERYTHING! He successfully killed a whole bunch of baby bunnies, birds, moles. You name it, he killed it. He even brought one of his conquests inside and laid it by my sister's head. She thought it was one of his slimy toys and threw it for him. Imagine how she felt when she figured it out! Nasty. Dogs are bizarre, thank god my dogs don't kill!

  23. i think i might've shit myslef....seriously...

  24. NASTY. My dogs have thankfully never done that. I would have barfed for real.


  25. I am so Sorry Zoe. That is Disgusting. I don't think that anything that I have had to clean up can top that.

    Hopefully he doesn't do it again!

  26. Maggie (my boston) brought me a snake. She was running around the yard...flinging it up in the air and etc. i had to go kill it...and I'm by no means a farm woman. It was VERY traumatic for me.
    The worst thing I've cleaned up from her thrown up rabbit POOP. She'd eat it outside..then come in and hurl. Made me GAG.
    Molly (my moms yorkie) ate her own poop.
    Dontcha LOVE dogs:)

  27. My, my, my...I miss out on the happenings in Blogland for a little while, and this is what I have to come back to. Ick! Norm is a disgusting little monkey! And, I certainly don't want to give him a new home. LOL! But, best of luck to anyone that does. Tee hee! By the way, I love the new look around here!

  28. My, my, my...I miss out on the happenings in Blogland for a little while, and this is what I have to come back to. Ick! Norm is a disgusting little monkey! And, I certainly don't want to give him a new home. LOL! But, best of luck to anyone that does. Tee hee! By the way, I love the new look around here!

  29. My, my, my...I miss out on the happenings in Blogland for a little while, and this is what I have to come back to. Ick! Norm is a disgusting little monkey! And, I certainly don't want to give him a new home. LOL! But, best of luck to anyone that does. Tee hee! By the way, I love the new look around here!

  30. Ok I am finally back after a long break from blog land....and I get to read your wonderful "Tales of Norm".

    It is gross, but I don't think it as gross as I would have before I moved out to the country with a man who had two goldens....outdoor dogs.

    They are constantly bring us "gifts"...a deer leg snake there...decapitated rabbits...and oh the smell of them after they have found their "treasures"!

    We also used to have a stray cat who would catch mice, chipmuncks...etc, and rip them to shreds on my front door mat. All last summer I had to check the mat before I walked outside, so not as to step on some remains.

    After a few times of dealing with that I told my husband if that cat did it again I was going to shoot it. Then suddenly the cat disappered and the hubby thinks I did it....Muh ha ha....(PS...just to put your minds at ease I am not a cat killer....the cat left on it's own)

    So anyways....GROSS NORM...EWW

  31. love your new header. Uhm. Well, that's what dogs do, whether we like it or not. I'm sorry about the little furr(ier) feller and I'm sorry you had to deal with the blood that came with the carnage. However, you'll forget about it in awhile. Time heals :) . Your dog probably thought you'd be proud of him, seriously.

  32. "Thanks" for reminding me ... but now that you have! We had "Honey" (or she 'had' us ...). She was wonderfully adept at learning the 'rules', even as a young pup. Hence she did as instructed and went to the front door ... and waited to be noticed. No whimper, no bark, just quietly waited (so considerate of our relaxed and tranquil evening with dinner guests.) Time for guests to leave. Open front door ... bid "Farewell"s ... close door with weather-stripping on bottom of door evenly distributing deposits, left by Honey, along the entire arc of said door and into and over the long strands of green shag carpet. Nice!! Then idiot husband (myself) brings out the VACUUM cleaner with vibra-bristle agitating brushes (yes ... total dumb-asterisk) and succeeded in clogging said brushes, bristles, vacuum bag with what was then well worked into said carpet.

    I WIN!!!


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