Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Next Thing on My List

Today I am 37 years old. Or at least that is what the kidnappers have brainwashed me to believe. Despite having been cursed by early onset puberty-I am reasonably certain that I am considerably younger. If you ask my children they will quickly tell you that I am a lovely 29 years old and that their father is 50. In case there was ever a doubt-they are geniuses.

I would love to write a flowery post about my beautiful day-but the fact is it was spent at medical appointments, plunging a toilet filled with an entire container of Kandoo wipes, cleaning up dog puke and doing a metric ton of laundry. I lead a charmed life.

I recently read this for my book club. Hopefully no one will be completing my list for me.

20 Things to do Before I'm 40

  1. Loose 60 pounds
  2. Have a tummy tuck
  3. Have my breasts put back where nature inteded them to be
  4. Climb a mountain
  5. Fall in love...or back in love...
  6. Feel confident walking into a room
  7. Get a new tattoo
  8. Have a relationship with God
  9. Go on a trip with friends
  10. Swim naked in the ocean
  11. Make someone elses wish come true
  12. Wear a dress
  13. Treat myself-without guilt
  14. Dance in the rain
  15. Play in the muds
  16. Sleep under the stars
  17. Ride a horse
  18. Say yes to my kids all day
  19. Accept love
  20. Do something in Vegas that stays in Vegas


  1. Sorry your birthday wasn't exactly beautiful and flowery... Such is life for mom, eh?

    My kids can't decide how old I am... It changes from day to day. Today I was 20! :D

    I'd love to cross a few of those things off of my list, too! ESPECIALLY #s 2 and 3!

    Happy Birthday, Zoe!

  2. Your list is really inspiring... was the book a good read? Happy birthday.

  3. To make up for being a day late for your birthday, I would like to install CommentLuv for you. It's available for blogspot now.And then you could enter the contest and win prizes. I've won three, if you count the pre-contest $20.
    Happy Birthday, best blogging friend.

  4. Ah Zoe!! That sounds like an awesome list! Happy Birthday!

  5. happy birthday!!

    I love your list. It inspires me to make my own!!

  6. Happy Birthday Zoe! Do you think they do 2fers on numbers 2 and 3? I'll be right there with ya!

    Great list, I hope you can cross everything off in the next 3 years! Be bold!

  7. Happy Birthday sweetie! We'll toast you next week, too!

  8. Happy birthday... and wow, I love your list. :) A lot of it could be mine. Maybe I should make such a list too. Just for me... :)

  9. Happy happy birthday!!!

    I have to tell you that I love your list. It could be mine as well. I hope you get a "flowery" day to yourself sooner or later :)

  10. Hope your birthday was still awesome for you!!

    Btw, I speak from experience when I say #3 is the best thing that I've ever had happen to me (breast reduction/reconstruction surgery) and it was totally worth the months of recovery too!!


  11. I am 29 for the 4th year in a row.
    My birthday was not that great either.
    Love your list!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope your week is better at least. And.. go out this weekend and knock off a couple of things on that list! :)

  13. Oh my gosh, happy belated birthday!!

    What a great list...better get moving, lots to do!

  14. Hey, I'm SO with ya on #5.

    Maybe you can celebrate late....alone with a bottle of wine and a meal you can eat while it's still hot. I know, call me crazy.

  15. Sorry I missed your birthday! I hope it was a good one. I am also sorry or the pilates catastrophe. How are you feeling? I hope all is well. I have really sucked at blogging. Take care! =)


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