Thursday, August 30, 2007

Acrobatics and antaganizm

Peyton Church is a tried and true acrobat. If it can be climbed, he will find a way up it. If it can be jumped from, he's already off it. We had these straps hanging from our patio waiting for Mark to hang Ava's swing (um, it's still not up)...apparently they were just too much temptation for Peyton to handle. Only problem is he can't reach them. These is where his sisters cozy coupe comes in to the plan. Luckily he kicked her out of it before he pushed it over, climbed on top of it, grabbed a hold of the straps, kicked it out of the way and jumped. Of course he had a perfect 10 landing to the amazement of his younger brother. Cade of course wanted to try then too. Peyton willingly helped him on top of the car, held it for him while he reached for the straps, then as Cade cried because he was scared Peyton kicked the car out from under him leaving him dangling frantically in the air. Peyton then had to taunt him "jump baby katie". Poor Cades arms finally gave out and he fell to the ground. Peyton cracked up...but not for long because Cade made a quick recovery and chased him down. He may be younger and smaller but he is much stronger. And what do you ask was I doing while this was going on? Why drinking a coke and reading InStyle magazine...DUH!


  1. OMG that is HILLARIOUS! You made my night :)

  2. AHAHAHA I can't wait to meet this little Monkey Payton! Your blog is cracking me up. Oh wait! I get to meet you on Sunday! Cool!


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