Friday, August 31, 2007

With this school year I do solemnly vow:

Another school year is just days away. Amonte is truly in high school now, entering the 10th grade. Peyton is starting Kindergarten (I may get electrocuted from the tears I am weeping on my keyboard) and Cade is off to preschool. Most people make New Years resolutions, I make back to school vows. These come out of my failures from prior school years. This year with 3 totally different schedules and 3 totally different schools, add in work, sports and medical issues and I'm sure my vow list will be monstrous next year. With this school year I do solemnly vow:

  1. To not wake my kids up late because I was on the Internet all night.
  2. To actually feed them something that resembles nutrition at the kitchen table and not in the car on the way to school.
  3. To have things ready the night before...not to wake in the morning and realize I left all their laundry in the washer.
  4. To actually read the calendar sent home by the school, therefore never again missing a conference, snack, me day, field trip ect.
  5. I will bring them to school on the right day and not on a snow day.
  6. I will allow family projects to be just that and not turn them into a craft competition with the other moms.
  7. I will not feel guilty for buying a snack instead of baking least I remembered it.
  8. I will not send them to school in their pajamas when it is not pajama day.
  9. I will instruct my children carefully not to discuss my dear friends career/life as a drag queen.
  10. And lastly I will try to enjoy every moment, including the tears over homework, broken hearts and sticking my hand in the bottom of a trash filled back pack to find a permission slip.
With all my heart, a bottle of Tylenol and a quart of premade Mudslides I do solemnly vow to survive this school year with the majority of my mental faculties intact and no permanent psychological damage to my children.

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