Sunday, September 2, 2007

Salesmen from hell

Yesterday I had the misfortune have a garage sale with my children present. This was a bad idea for numerous reasons. It was not a particularly busy day and I really needed to make as much money as I could since I desperately need to buy the boys back to school clothes. I had hoped that Mark would keep them in the house at least until he went to work but apparently that makes anchoring the couch to the floor to difficult so he sent them all outside.

  • Woman looking at shirt of Cade's. "Hey Peyton that's the shirt I was wearing when you made me laugh and chocolate milk shot out my nose!" Woman puts shirt back.
  • Woman looking at Peyton's shirt. "Mom how come every time I used to wear that shirt I would puke?" Woman puts shirt back.
  • Woman looking at Ava's dress. "Mom that's the dress Ava was wearing when she pooped out her diaper at Meijers." No sale on the dress.
  • Peyton riding my body by jake ab scissor. P-"How come you never use this mom?" M-"I got pregnant with Ava right after I bought it" P-"What does it do?" M-"It makes your tummy flat." Peyton to the heavy woman standing by him-"You should buy this!" She left with nothing.
  • Woman picks up toy that Ava has never played with and has ignored all day. Ava reaches for it screaming bloody murder and falls to the ground. Woman hands her the toy and leaves with nothing.
So much for back to school clothes.


  1. I just want you to know that you are HILLARIOUS! And apparently, as are your children :)

  2. HI Zoe! I'm Elizabeth from the Cheeky monkey's group. Thanks for the laugh today! LOL. Sorry you didn't sell much though....

  3. Thanks guys! They are pretty a distrubed kind of way. :)


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