Monday, September 24, 2007

Red dye causes genetic mutation in rhinos

MacKenzie ( was nice enough to do some research for me on rhinos.

Black rhinos eat bushes and parts off of trees which is why that have the upper lip that works like a large finger. And white rhinos usually eat grass but also like to plow up the ground with their horn to eat mineral salts. They are strictly vegetarians.

When I shared this info with Cade (thinking he would be excited), he looked at me as if I has sprouted a third eye and announced "Mister is a green rhino. And green rhinos ONLY eat dogs." He then stalked away in a huff. WTF. I guess Mister is one giant genetic mutation. Probably from consuming red dye...he does live in Cade's mouth after all.

Saturday I found him a tiny little white rhino figurine at the Toy House and since we had a bad morning I picked up up for him as a surprise. He was thrilled...even though it's not green.

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