Thursday, September 27, 2007

Big wheels keep on turning

Ever since Peyton could talk he has asked questions. Not just one or two but sometimes hundreds a day. Some basic, some complex, some annoying or even down right concerning. Here is an example of life with Peyton and mind you these questions were asked in a one hour time frame while getting ready or school.

  1. 1. What time is it?
  2. 2. What day is it?
  3. 3. When will it be Saturday?
  4. 4. Do I have school today?
  5. Why do I have to go to school?
  6. Can I play a video game first?
  7. Why do I have to eat breakfast?
  8. What is protein?
  9. Why is it brain food?
  10. Will my brain shrink if I don't eat it?
  11. Well if you don't eat eggs why do I have to?
  12. Why do you call them chicken abortions?
  13. Why can't I wear my Green Day shirt again today?
  14. Why won't you just cut all the tags out of my clothes?
  15. Why do I have to brush my teeth again? I just brushed them last night?
  16. Why can't we just live here like animals?
  17. Did you pack my lunch? I said I wanted to buy.
  18. What bus do I ride home?
  19. Are we late yet?
  20. Can we listen to Linkin Park?
  21. Why can't we listen to Linkin Park at school?
  22. What will happen if my name gets moved over today?
  23. Why do we have to lock the door?
  24. Why can't I ride in the front seat?
  25. Why can't I walk to school?
I was going to carry this out to the at least 50 questions he asked this morning but my head hurts already. These are the easy ones, mostly related to complaints as he is NOT a morning person. At night his wheels really get turning and we get deep questions, about God, death, being born, justice ect. Does any one else have a kid like this? How do you deal with relentless streams of questions?


  1. Lukas just starting asking his first question..."What's this?" And of course that could consume porbably 90% of the things on this earth, because he just doesn't know the name of everything yet. If he knows it, then he says it. But if not, its, "What's this?" and then I tell him, and then he repeats what I say. I didn't realize it started this soon with questions and he's not even 2 yet!!

  2. Wow, sounds like he comes up with some real zingers! Can't wait for Thoams to talk and to hear what he'll come up with!

  3. My Matt is like that. He will argue with anyone and he always tries to get that last word in (notice I say tries, because he is unsuccessful. I do that!)

  4. Oh boy, I'd love to meet him! My students are probably not as precocious and I don't work with kids as young as Peyton, but he sounds like a cute kid! Definitely gifted :)

  5. This is so my 8 year old!! My head hurts too!!! Funny thing is that today he asked if we could listen to linkin park in the car!

    Love your blog by the way :)


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