Saturday, September 22, 2007

On a lighter note...

Last night I was dreaming that I was making a blog out of thousands of tiny pieces of scrapbook paper with the help of a giant cricket. Odd huh? Suddenly I was awakened by a bright light and searing pain in my right eye socket. While Ava Judge was twisting herself about like a little contortionist she forcefully kicked me right in the eye. I expected it to be bruised today but luckily it was not. On the down side though it was uncomfortable to curl my eyelashes and you know what a freak I am about my eyelashes!


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  2. I have been kicked in the face before by TJ! I thought it was hard enough to create a bruise, but it never did. And WHAT A DREAM! LOL.... I have super weird ones all the time! Usually everything i have thought about during the day comes together to make a strange and sometimes frightening dream!


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