Friday, September 21, 2007

Plague of the Parenting book

Any one who has met my darling little Peyton knows he is a bit precocious. He is a teenager in a 5 yr olds body and makes it very clear that he does not wish to be treated like a little boy. I have been reading a parenting book (or 2 or 3) trying to improve my skills. Peyton has decided to take this as an opening for sucker punches.

A week or so ago:
P-What are you reading?
M-A book on how to be a better mom.
P-Oh. You need that.

Few days later:
Peyton in trouble for the 100th time that day and very angry about losing playstation privileges.
P- (SCREAMING)You need to go read your book some more because you are not a nicer mommy.

Just this am:
Peyton as usual will not get ready in a timely fashion.
M-Peyton Church what is your deal? Could you just get dressed already? Why do we go through this every morning?
P-I don't know. Maybe you should do something with me.
M-Yeah like what?(I could think of a few things believe me but they all fall into the category of inappropriate)
P-Duh, isn't there something in your book?

In case you are wondering he is still alive and I did not follow any parenting techniques in dealing with his smart ass.


  1. I just came across your blog through Nicole. I love it. You are hilarious. I have a son that sounds just like your P.
    Keep it up I need my laugh a day.

  2. OMG.....he is a funny one! Well I'm sure you don't think it's funny when it's happening but I bet you laugh after the fact :)

  3. ROFL..... too funny. Well... it is funny cuz it isn't happening to me, but I bet it is no fun for you! My son is getting to be a smart mouth. He is only 2! The other day he kept getting into things, and I finally said,
    "WOULD YOU JUST STOP ALREADY!?" and TJ says..."Mommy, being mean to Buddy!"( We always call him Buddy and for some reason when he talks about himself, he calls himself that:) LOL

  4. Oh wow, that is actually hilarious! I can't wait for those days!

  5. Ohhhhh, just wait. There is one in every family. I used to be that one. Paybacks are a bitch I guess!

  6. Hey Zoe, I have just recently been reading your blog (probably through Nicole B?), but I wanted to let you know I am a gifted education specialist and may be abel to help you with ideas. the asynchrony you describe is not uncommon with highly gifted children. Feel free to e-mail me :)


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