Monday, September 10, 2007

Fungi Phobia

Everyone who knows me knows I have a major (by major I mean near panic level) fear of mushrooms. EWWW. I mean even typing this blog is making the hair on the back of my neck stand up and my palms are getting sweaty.

So what was in the cafeteria today? Fungi soup and sliced fungi to slather some type of flesh in (oh did I mention I have multiple food issues…food rules will be another blog). So of course my dear friends that I ate lunch with had to have the fungi soup and describe it to me. Bitches.

Now some of my friends are very supportive of my dysfunctional fear. I have a friend who is designated to pick shrooms of my food should they (gasp) happen to arrive on pizza, in Chinese ect. My neighbor knows I will NOT take my kids outside if the giant softball fungi is growing in the back yard…she will come kill it.

My husband is not understanding. He once chased me through the house with a Martha Stewart magazine devoted to shrooms and rubbed the pages on me. I called a divorce lawyer and cancelled my subscription to Martha. Amonte even loves to torment me by ordering them on his flesh burgers and then showing them to me.

Why on earth would anyone want to eat fungus anyway? They grow in dirty basements and moldy places. They smell like mold. Ugg. You may laugh but I was once saved from eating a dead fly simply because I was picking mushrooms very meticulously off a chipati. I have to go take a shower now…I feel dirty.


  1. I don't like mushrooms, but I don't have a phobia. LOL
    And yeah.... hubby's aren't really understanding of our fears are they?? I know my hubby ALWAYS tries to freak me out with the things I am afraid of.

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  3. Elizabeth, that's because "real men" are "fearless"! LMAO

  4. I'm the same. Can't look at them without shuddering, have even run to get away from big fungi!
    Crazy but true. Used to be interested in them as a kid, so something from my childhood has triggered it I guess. M

  5. You're not alone.. I don't mind normal mushrooms that much, but toadstools, fungus that grow on trees etc.. ugh. It's making my skin creep even typing this. I guess it must stem from my childhood, but i just can't shake the irrational fear and i'm now 40 years old!

  6. I have a huge fear of mushrooms :o
    I got all itchy while reading this

  7. I also have a fear of fungus not mushrooms but the fungus that grows on tree bark and in damp dark places, I also have a fear of holes those maggot type holes in skin this is called trypophobia I think my phobia is to do with textures, it makes my heart race and I feel the urge to vomit, seriously this is not good. My son and daughter also have exactly the same phobia's.I believe mine started as a child when visiting my nan in a damp dark dingy house and there was a large fungus growing by the front door, I use to run past it like it was going to leave the wall and chase me. I can truly understand anyone with this kind of phobia it is stomach churning......


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