Wednesday, September 26, 2007

HER name is MORGAN

So last night I just had to know who Amonte's date was. I mean I need to know what color dress so I can help him get flowers and logistics like transportation, ect. OK damn it I JUST WANTED TO KNOW!

M-So who are you taking to homecoming?

A-No response.

M-So who are you taking to homecoming?

A-No response.


A-You don't know her. (AH A RESPONSE)

M-why won't you tell me...I thought we were close *pouting*

A-No response.

M-Is she ugly? Does she weigh 400#? Does she have backne and a mullet?

A-NO. Christ Leave me alone. *kind of smiling*

M- Well if you wont tell me I'll just have to make something up to appease myself.


M-*GASP* I KNOW WHO IT IS! OMG It's like totally Brittney the babysitter!

*Brittney the babysitter is my alternate persona. I become Brittney the babysitter,when I need the kids to recall the rules, be distracted, ect. "Like OMG, your mother lets you eat with your feet on the table! Grody, toe jam!" "Like OMG, I do not wipe butts. EWWWW." "Dude, I am not your mom, DO I LOOK like I have ever had a baby? GROSS".

Yes. I am a freak.

M-Peyton! Cade! Come here quick!

A-Ok mom. God her name is Morgan.

M-That's all I wanted and BTW, so glad your not gay.

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