Monday, August 27, 2007

Doesn't she know all things are weapons?

My grandmother is 82, so I guess I should cut her some slack...but for gods sake she gave my two youngest boys potentially lethal weapons yesterday. I guess to an old lady it seemed like a sweet gift that would make 2 small boys happy. But my boys are...well they are boys. She purchased them METAL garden tools. Sharp metal garden tools that are rather large and dangerous looking. So not only are they digging and hoeing up my entire yard (which looks like crap anyway) but they are chasing each other down the driveway with hoe, shovel or rake in hand threatening to beat each other (It a little disturbing to see a small child wearing only his underwear and crocs running angrily with a shovel in hand) . These threats are frequently carried out and I have serious concerns that shovel could take an eye out. Does anyone want any gardening tools? Why does this woman hate me?

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