Friday, October 3, 2008

Molehills into Mountains

Since this blog was meant to be a journal of sorts I have lots to update. Letters scratched on napkins, words and events to preserve, photos to cherish, milestones to commemorate. It seems overwhelming to have so much to catch up on when life continues to move forward. I always feel like I'm behind. Not just on my blog-laundry, bills, photos, baby books, scrapbooks. I'm trying to do bits and pieces everyday and enjoy any progress. It seems so easy to build Mountains and so difficult to climb them.


  1. I hear ya Zoe, no matter how much progress we make, we are always behind! 2 steps forward, 5 back! Don't ya wish we could all have a little bit of wonder woman in us? I sure as heck do, or maybe just an ounce of energy that my kids have! That may help too.

  2. I think that we are all behind on things! Some more than others but don't let it Frazzle you! Eventually you will be caught up.

    I like to priorotize things and set a date for one thing to be accomplished and then go from there. If you are only looking at one thing to do in your enormous stack it is much less overwhelming.

  3. We've got mountains here too. I figure some day it will all get done, just not today.

  4. Zoe, how insightful. "It seems so easy to build Mountains and so difficult to climb them."

    Perhaps remembering this will help make that climb easier?

  5. "Mark all as read" is still your friend, you loveable OCD freak, you.

  6. You know.. that preggos is not even funny!!! How dare you!! :) Being behind on things are part of life! I hope you had a great week!


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