Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Fever

I have once again been tagged for 6 random things about me by Reiza (who had some interesting facts of her own) and by Krissa of HalfAsstic (isn't that the funniest name???) Since we are hopefully headed into some nicer weather and I have major spring fever that shall be my theme for this meme!

  1. I would rather be hot than cold.
  2. That being said-I don't like to sweat.
  3. Even if it is 100 degrees out I have to sleep covered up.
  4. I have never, ever, even started a lawn mower.
  5. I do not do manual labor.
  6. I do not garden. In any way.
  7. I have a black thumb.
  8. I do not tan. Ever. Needless to say I am rather pale.
  9. I love to swim in a pool.
  10. I hate to swim in lakes. Especially mucky ones. Where the earth oozes between your toes.
  11. I am a mosquito magnet.
  12. Despite being a "girly girl" I enjoy camping.

Are you guys tired of me yet?


  1. I was with you 100% all the way until the end....but I hate camping!!

  2. I am with you on everything!

  3. How does a mosquito magnet who hates to swim in the lake like camping? And how about the ocean with a nice sandy bottom and sharks?

  4. Ohmigawd! Me too! On sooo many things! I will sweat bullets rather than sleep without covers. I crank the A/C way up, every night. Ceiling fan, on high.
    Need to weed the flower bed so bad, but, know I won't. Oh well.
    All the outdoors stuff: ditto.
    Oh, my link you were so kind to include in your post doesn't work!:( Pleeeease fix it!

  5. I pretend that sweating is doing something good for my body... like a sauna. I can't do lake swimming either because the creepy things swimming with me may bite my toes. I'm probably going to have to go camping this year, since I've run out of excuses.

  6. I am a girly girl and I love to camp too!

  7. I'm not wild about camping. The bugs drive me crazy!

    You know that outdoor thing you're supposed to go to the bathroom in? It scares me half to death because I'm afraid a spider will crawl up on me. Gross, eh? It's a huge fear of mine so I never used those.

    I stepped on a coal while we were camping once. I was 5 so you know, give me a break-anyway, that hurt like crazy.

    My husband can take the boys camping anytime he wants to. I go once in awhile. I do try.

  8. I have to sleep covered up no matter how hot it is too and it drives my hubby crazy.

  9. I have to have some part of my body covered by a blanket.
    I hate to sweat too.
    Mucky lakes are the worst. It's funny as a kid I never cared we rode our bikes all over to go swimming now, I'm spoiled and love the pool.

  10. My goodness, we have so much in common, everything but the manual labor and gardening part! The #1 though is sooo me.

    BTW, tagging you for a meme, if you are interested only!

  11. I can't believe that you have never started a lawn mower! WOW!!! I must be abnormal because I LOVE doing the yard stuff. I used to beg my mom to let me mow our lawn. hehe

  12. #3-too funny! Same here :)

  13. I have a black thumb and I HATE to camp. I require a daily shower.

  14. I have never been camping, but I think I would hate it.

    Love the site redesign!

  15. So, what you are telling me is in July we will be camping outside of Chicago and to bring lots and lots of Bug Guard and you will be sleeping in a very hot sleeping bag. That we will not be skinny dipping in Lake Michigan because you'd rather be hot? But we be doing a breaking and entering into someone's backyard for a dip in their pool cause you don't sweat. That people will stare at us do to your very pale skin except for this hideous black thumb of yours? That all garden shows are out for us, and that we will not be walking but motoring around in those electric chairs, no manual labor right?

  16. I can so relate to half of these things! I love the hot, hate to sweat. I love sleeping with my blankets! And the ac on and the fan on full blast!

  17. Thanks for playing along. :-)

    #7 is me too. My grandfather could make anything grow. My dad is the same way. Me, though, well, my dad used to insist I had a brown thumb. I can't make anything grow.

    Until my husband deployed for the first time, I was right there with you on #4.


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