Monday, May 26, 2008

Shut Yo Mouth

Happy Memorial Day all! Hope that you are all having a wonderful holiday. I can't think of anything related to the day so you are stuck with what is roaming in my head.

My sweet little Cade has a horrible potty mouth. He loves to say things to push your buttons. Shock value is even better. I have tried everything. Both appropriate and inappropriate. Nothing curtails his foul tongue.

  • Ignore it-Check
  • Soap-Check
  • Sassy Sauce (AKA vinegar)-Check
  • Rewards-Check
  • Punishment-Check
  • Charts-Check
  • Discussion-Check
And yet the language continues. This goes far beyond the usual toilet talk (you know about poop) that occurs at this age. I am seriously at the end of my rope with it. Hence the soap and sassy sauce..two things I swore I would never do. Some of Cade's favorite things to say:
  • Anything regarding bodily functions and add a body part (ex-poophead)
Then throw in some:
  • Dumb ass
  • Stupid
  • Stupid ass
  • Stupid ass muttey mutt Mama
  • Idiot
  • I hate you (or add any name there)
  • Fucker
And then to really get me upset:
  • I'm stupid
  • I'm an idiot
  • I hate myself
  • Nobody loves me
Let me be clear that we do not tolerate name calling at the love shack. I have never told my children that they are stupid, dumb ect. Nor have I EVER said that I hate them. I won't say I have never sworn in front of them...that would be a lie. Cade seems to get such immense pleasure out using his obnoxious verbage.
  • Why?
  • What do I do?
  • Is duct tape a crime?


  1. NO! Duct tape is not a crime! But don't put it over his mouth. Make this whole thing work for you and duct tape gardening tools to his little hands and throw him in the flower bed. Tell him that every time he says something he shouldn't you are getting some weeding done!
    Oh, there's also taping him to the cabinet in front of the sink to do dishes, and to the vacuum cleaner!
    Hey! This could be a good thing! (glass half full...)LOL

  2. Duct tape is only a crime if you fail to use vaseline or some such in the removal process. Have you tried the nickel in the jar for every cuss word thing?

  3. I'm taking notes. We haven't gotten to that stage, but I'm sure it's right around the corner, considering everything currently revolves around POOP.

    Oh, and I have a Potty Mouth Jar. It was for me when Wynnie was younger. When I said a naughty word
    (cuz I swear like a trucker), I dropped a quarter in. It taught me to think before speaking. Now, it's a nice way to get guests to watch their mouth. Instead of me policing what they say, I simply hand them the "POTTY MOUTH JAR" and they figure out that I'm not fond of their garbage talk in front of my kids.

  4. Why - that part's easy, a cry for attention
    Solution - looks as if you've tried everything I'd suggest, and a couple I didn't think of.
    Duct Tape - No, some one could call Child Protective Services. (And while they have a job to do, they have no humor.)

    Since Cade is under 6, try this: Tell him he can only use this language in the bathroom. All he wants any time he wants, but only in the bathroom.

  5. My younger son doesn't swear much because it doesn't get a reaction from me. What does offend me is when he says the N word. He does it for the shock value. Stinker.

  6. You just crack me up!

    Matt told me the other night I was a Mutha!!! I said a what? He said a Mutha!!! I said I know I am a mother. No he said a mutha!!!! Hmmm what was he gettting at? Did he store my expletive the time I spilt hot coffe all over me and my car when the girl at the coffe shop didn't put the top on right? Oh mutha ....!!! Hopefully he didn't store the last part!!! =)

  7. What a trip!! ;P

    I usually just chalk it up to being "a boy thing" when I see the 4th-7th graders pull those stunts. It's also a good reason not to be a 'lunch Mom' at the school if it grates on you nerves after a while.

    Although...IMHO, the 'boy crazy' phase you go through with girls in that age/grade group is much, MUCH worse!! I guess you just gotta pick your battles... ;)

  8. The just had an article in Wondertime about potty talk, I skipped over it since Mags isn't saying much more than "more". I'll try and read it for you.

  9. I say go for the duct tape. I have tried all that and then some, hot sauce, lemon juice. Now my kids want hot sauce on everything, and they drink lemon juice out of the container! Brighten just eventually stopped, but then started the You, dirty word, mean momma. He things if he says dirty work instead of actually saying mean ass, then he wont get in trouble!

  10. The Man Upstairs makes them cute for a reason...

    Nothing wrong with duct tape~they make it in all sorts of cheery colors now too you know. A punishment for him, a fun art project for you.

  11. I am wrangling with the variety of language 'barriers' with Isaac also. Just not too foul yet... It is still @ the 4 yr old level w/ the 'I hate you's!' & the 'You aren't my Mommy' s thrown in for good measure along with a WHOLE lot of wall kicking & door slamming & other hateful little things! Same as you, none of the above works; ignore it? noway! soap, oh yeah! the top of my refrigerator looks like toys-r-us from re-po; Gary the garbage man has hauled away more toys of his than I can count & he has had more dashes of sassy sauce (& enjoys it!) We just had a big talk with all of the kids about respect & behavior & how we could do so much more if they would just behave & could be in control of their actions-no go! That failed miserably within the first day!

    I told Isaac I was going to stand him in the corner & rubberband a bar of soap into his mouth & Lydia (6) piped up & said 'Why don't you duct tape it?' Really made me go hmmm?

  12. I like the "say it in the bathroom" idea. That way, he's not getting any kind of reaction at all because he has no audience, you don't have to hear it, and he'll get pretty tired of going in there all the time.

    Or, take away his favorite game/toy/whatever for 10 minutes each time he swears?

  13. I was also going to suggest the bathroom idea... just send him on in there and he can yell all the foul words he wants at the top of his lungs and pretty soon it'll lose it's appeal. Eventually he'll get bored of it getting no reaction from anyone else and hopefully get it out of his system...
    Man, I can't wait till my boy is that age. Ugh.

  14. i am taking notes. i hope i don't have to deal with this when tuck is older! eeek!

    i like the bathroom idea too - would be interested to know if it works? i would also take things away that are VALUEABLE to him. :) good luck!

  15. I'm sure he makes life interesting around your house. He sounds like a pistol! If I were there, I'd have a very hard time keeping a straight face.

  16. My daughter threw out "You idiot!" at her brother yesterday. Totally out of character. And I know she heard it from me, referring to someone on TV as "What an idiot." Sigh.

  17. I need this kind of help too. Luckily I have gotten some relief by telling him to use replacement words, so instead of saying, "damn" he can say "barnacles" or some other silly word.

  18. You may be giving the words too much power. In our house we say that generally there are no bad words just appropriate and inappropriate times and places to use them. If you hit your finger with a hammer yelling shit is a okay with me. If you call your brother a shit that's different.

    If it's really annoying you, turn it into something boring like a lesson. "Wow, I notice you're really into using the word poop. Let's make a list of all the different kinds of poop we can think of. You write them here and we'll make a poop chart." Something like that will either be fun and appropriate or bore the heck out of him.

    I will stop typing now as I'm actually boring the shit (appropriate, yes?) out of myself.


  19. You just really made me laugh!! I have a 4 year old girl potty mouth! Anything that gets a reaction from me or anyone else in her company! Sometimes it is hard to keep a straigh face when she call her brother a "Bum-Butt".


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