Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If a cat craps in the woods.....

Can I just give you an idea of the shit I am dealing with here at the love shack?


I asked Mark to vacuum and then he ran to the store for me. No biggie. No complaining. Task completed.

On his way out the door to work he asks " Are you going to Target today?" to which I respond "Hell no, these kids are psychos I'm not taking them anywhere" in a ever so sweet voice. Mark: "Oh we need cat litter" and he leaves for work.

An hour later I go to the back of the shack to find the closet where the cats do their thing closed. The cats are pacing back and forth and getting bitchy. I open the closet to find the cat litter box tipped upside down. Odd huh? So I flip it over and......it's....are you ready...totally freaking empty. Are you kidding me?????

Luckily for me my friend CoCo was on her way over and she nabbed me a bag of litter. Thus saving my cats from a certain death if I had to clean up piss.

Mark came home from work with...guess what...NO cat litter. When I sweetly mentioned the fact that the cats had NOTHING to defecate in he tersely responded "I told you we needed litter."

Am I crazy but telling me nonchalantly that "oh we need litter" and ""hey the litter box is bare ass empty" are two different things. NO?


  1. Ive been slowly reading your blog after i arrived from a link on another. . .anyhow have to say i LOVE your blog - makes me laugh. . makes me nod and say I feel your pain/anger/annoyance!!

    The litter story so hits home with me!!

    I keept trying to think of something he uses that i could take to teach him a lesson. . the beer, the remote hmm got me thinking now!

  2. seriously. so different. you should be writing a column girl.

  3. uh yeah - veeerrrrry different.

    but then again, man language is veeerrrrry different too. :)

  4. i was just reading some of your blogs, you made me laugh. too funny. your life is very full! hope to read some more when i have more time.

  5. i ffff-ing LLOVVVEE you...you are now added to my page-b/c im addicted...

  6. Listen carefully: Men have a brain, and they have a penis, but they don't have enough blood to run both at once. Gravity will always win out.
    That "oh, we're out of cat litter" thing reminds me of a friend whose husband said "we're out of ice cubes"
    She patiently wrote on the kitchen whiteboard: Recipe for ice cubes(instructions followed)
    Keep writing, your humour is all that keeps you from murdering him ;)

  7. I loved the title ... and you are not alone - they are clueless - pretty much clueless. Take care.

  8. yeah, wow. I might have left a present of a little dried cat terd on his pillow for that one.

  9. smooth move, mark!!! serioulsy, i don't think "they" no any better. =)

  10. Its the same with dog food here. Poor thing had to starve last week. By the way thanks for commenting on my blog, you always make me laugh, and agree with you.

  11. Oh I know how ya feel. Men don't seem to speak let alone understand the same language we do, do they?

  12. LOL! You should have directed the cats to piss on his pillow. ;0)

  13. Uh yeah...there is a thing called a grocery list...my dummie will run out of simple things that I DON'T USE !!! Like his deodorant, his shaving cream, etc.. 'But you should have known I was out!" Oh, excuse me, my Mom radar ends @ the ones I ACTUALLY FREAKING GAVE BIRTH TO!! Again, painted on hands cannot do real things :)

  14. What the hell was he thinking? I would have been so pissed! Poor cats! You are funny though!


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