Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stanky feet, stanky dog, stanky ???

  • Woke up late. This is a daily event. Please feel free to add it to any of my posts.
  • Fought with Mark because he has 2 broken not really. They work just fine...I'm assuming.
  • Dropped Ava off at Andreas with a bag of medicine. Felt guilty and relieved.
  • Usual bs at work. Web monitor is back on. "Breastfeeding is tooooooo haaarrrddd" WHINERS. Had adult conversation with people who did not wipe their nose on me.
  • Took the boys to Kohls for winter wear. I was praying they could hold out till Saturday but when I picked them up at childcare they announced they had worn other kids coats and hats outside to play because their sweatshirts were not warm enough and they had no hats. In my humiliation we went promptly to the store.
  • Found coats, hats, gloves and boots. No blood was shed. I still have to cut all the tags out of Peyton's new wares.
  • There was a little person at Kohls and Peyton was enthralled. He kept asking "where did that cute little man go?" LOUD.
  • Andrea fed Ava dinner for me. Greatly appreciated. However Ava smells like a clove of garlic. We are safe from vampires tonight.
  • Speaking of smell: Norm got misted by a skunk. Not sprayed but he certainly walked into some scent. Not pretty.
  • Oh and Peyton got new shoes too. When I took his off to try his boots on I nearly puked they smelled so bad. How can a little kid have feet that rank?
  • Hmmm. Also rank is a smell around or near my computer. Mark will have to find it tomorrow.
  • Amonte bumped the counter and shouted "son of a" to which Peyton quickly replied "BITCH" Cade responded "Peyton said BITCH" Peyton "I did not say BITCH" Amonte cracking up did not help.
  • Take my contacts out. Open the bathroom door to find Amonte mooning me and his siblings laughing hysterically. Ummm. He is the one who needs a butt razor.
  • After listening to Cade sing Linkin Park tonight I seriously think he has a career as a thrash metal screamer.
  • A financial prayer was answered. YAHOO. For that I swear dear lord that I will quit lusting after a certain someone at church.

How was your day??


  1. You are too funny!! I understand the 'broken hands' My husbands hands/arms must be painted on & are just for ornamental looks? They surely serve no function when necessary; the kids are jumping around acting like lunatics, the dog has choked & barfed up the latest toy he has claimed, etc...

  2. Girl, you crack me UP!!!! OMG. I was dying about Cade yelling about the cute little man. HAHA! Thanks for the great start to my day :)

  3. I LOVE YOUR POSTS. broken hand syndrome is what i refer to that as. my husband suffers as well. have a GREAT day!

  4. Ah, I guess my husband can join the ranks of the men with broken hand syndrome. But, his feet seem to serve no useful purpose either. He walks in from work, immediately drops his rank uniform on the floor in a trail leading from the front door to the bathroom, takes a shower, drops the towel on the floor, puts on pajamas, and plants his ass firmly on the couch for the rest of the evening. The typical evening conversation in our house consists of this, "Do you think that you could walk that extra few steps, and put your clothes in the laundry basket?" "i guess." "Well, could you get on that?" "Sure." (Ass is still super-glued to the couch). I pick up the clothing trail because I can't stand to look at it. "Would you get away with this crap at work?" "Hell no!" Well, then why do you do it at home?" Blank stare. This is a mand who's attention to detail at work is a daily life-or-death matter. He operates above and beyond the call of duty at work...what's up with the at-home behavior?"

  5. way to make a girl laugh per your usual.

  6. love reading your blog!! you are way too funny!!


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