Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frag this

Her Majesty has learned a bitch of a life lesson. She has had her first heart break. Her first taste of rejection.

Ava loves to stay up till her "stinky daddy" comes home from work. This is when they have their bonding time. The other night Ava got all dolled up for the event. She put on her little mermaid panties, purple and brown striped knee highs, a strawberry shortcake pj top and some major hair accessories. She was pretty sure she was irresistible. Daddy greeted her with the mandatory "oooohhhh's", "aaahhh's", hugs and kisses. Sadly, Ava was in my arms a mere 5 minutes later sobbing. Clearly devastated.

  • Me: Ava! What's wrong baby?
  • Ava: *Sobb* Daaaaddy
  • Me: What did daddy do?
  • Ava: STUPID GAME!!!!
Enough said. Daddy got new video games for Christmas. Knee highs and Hello Kitty hair clips are no competition for fragging some newb with a boomstick. Sorry baby girl.


  1. Ohhh, this is almost too sad. I am picturing my 3- year old daughter crying over her daddy's affections as he decides to play another gam of Yuri's Revenge...

  2. This just broke my heart!!! Did he realize he broke her little heart?!

    And it's totally my life! Boyfriend loves video games and there has been many a heartbreak here. But usually he realizes it and tries to make amends somehow.

  3. I think that's what any girlfriend of Shortman's will have to put up with, too. ;-)

  4. Aw Poor Ava. She needs to learn the Maggie trick of turning off the tv when it interferes with her agenda.

  5. OUCH!! Tough lesson. Just one of a million that'll prove over and over that men suck. Even daddies suck sometimes.


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