Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When Ugly ruins Hope

For the record I am not an "inner city dweller" or an "idiot college kid". Nor were 98% of the people who worked on the Obama campaign. Statistically, he was voted into office by hard working, middle class, middle aged, Americans. I support freedom of speech. I respect people with differing opinions.We can disagree and both be right. I generally try to find some common ground. Unity. That is-unless-you are a freaking idiot. If you want to really know what is wrong with America read this. Proof that racism and ignorance are still alive and well. Somethings may never Change.


  1. I am so beyond pissed at his post!!!!!!!!!! What an A#1 Jerk!!!

  2. Zoe, you are the best. I read his post and yes, he is the idiot. Like I said on Kristi's post and Nicole's, it can't get any worse than a recession, a war, loss of jobs and homes. Enough said thankyouverymuch. Raging Republicans time to shut your damn mouths.

  3. It has been eye opening to see the racism come out of the woodwork with this election.

    I felt like it was something of a loss of innocence for my son--he has never noticed color as far as I can tell, until this election after picking up on all the racial undertones of everything being said from people and the news media and asking lots of questions to understand.

    I wish it was a sentiment of "by the way, the new President is black" rather than it being a feeling of "oh my gosh who would have ever thought we would get to a place where we could elect a black man!" I think the fact that it is such a big issue means we have a lot of work yet to do. You don't hear people saying, "Wow, we elected a red head!" or the like.

    Lets move to the place where race is a physical feature, not a definition. For my son the inauguration & ensuing public response, paired with MLK day pointed out to him the idea that race is more than just a physical feature.

  4. What a jerk, and I told him that's what I thought.

  5. I couldn't read the whole thing, I've been living with all the excuses how all of the sudden Bush's spiral is Obama's fault. If Elizabeth Hasselback is giving him a chance, good god, why can't some other people.

  6. I always hate myself for commenting on posts like that, but most of the time I can't help it. Let's just perpetuate the ignorance, shall we? :)

  7. Unfortunately this does not come as a surprise. There are some awful idiots out there. :(

  8. This individual and many others make me angrier than I can even articulate.

    I've seen headlines that say:
    "Pray Obama Fails"
    "He's not the President" (because of Roberts' flubbing the oath)
    "(S)elected President" (by mass media)

  9. ahhh to be an idiot college kid again!

  10. I couldn't even get all the way through it. As a former Republican I am disgusted with the ignorance of my former party. It's one thing to disagree with policy, but completely something else to bad-mouth others and use "christianity" as the reason. I loved the fact that Obama listed all sorts of religions and non-believers in his speech. And I'm Catholic!

    People (reps) who bitch about people "mooching" off the system should maybe try to change the system instead of making the socio-encomonic divide any bigger than it already is.


  11. I didn't read it, but I can imagine. No matter who voted for whom, if Obama hadn't won we would have lost all hope. And I didn't even vote for him, so you know I'm sincere.


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