Monday, January 5, 2009

17 Wonders

Dear Amonte-
You have to admit while this birthday is not exactly stellar it is by far better than last year. 2008 is in the past. It was a year that has forever changed your life. It brought with it pain and despair. But I hope that you can also see the wonders it held. Amidst all of the hopelessness- strangers reached out to you, answers were revealed, you built a relationship with Christ and found a strength and passion inside yourself that I don't think you knew existed. I hope that 17 brings you comfort, healing and much deserved peace and joy.
Happy Birthday. You're still my McLovin.


  1. Amonte, I had a big long post about what a great person you are as your coming into young adulthood and how great of a sole you have as you have battled a hard year but the damn computer ate it! So since you made it through the hell of last year with laughter and smiles I know that you can make it through anything.

    Your a great person and I pray that you continue to grow with this sense of humor, it fits you quite well!

    Happy Birthday hun!

  2. Happy Birthday Amonte. I hope this year makes up for the crappy ones.

  3. Heh.. now I feel like a dork. Asking things in email when I could have just - duh - READ them. Happy birthday, Amonte. :)

  4. Beautiful post! You are a wonderful mother Zoe!


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