Monday, June 6, 2011

7 more Years

So today started like shit.  I woke up late.  I had nothing to wear.  I arrived tardy to work only to find a major crisis.  Boo.

Luckily, I had scheduled an appointment with a new counselor who would console and understand me.  I drive downtown and confused by the one way streets get lost.  I find the building and the only parking is on the street.  Parallel parking.  Everyone knows I can not parallel park.  Another reason it eats shit to drive in Seattle.

So I find a "near" by parking lot.  12$ for less than an hour.  No elevator.  No stairs.  5th floor in heels, then straight up 3 blocks.  I obviously arrived late.  It was immediately apparent that we were not a good match and agreed to not work together.  I left feeling defeated and trudged back to my car.

My car which I smashed the driver side mirror in a tearful attempt to back up a steep hill and deposit a stupid token in a box.  A smart girl would have put the car in park, climbed out the passenger walked the 50 steps up the hill, deposited and left. But obviously I am not that girl.

Nearly 500$ for a new mirror and instillation.  It's not possible to drive here missing a side view mirror.People drive like utter and complete morons, causing me to be in a constant state of what would not even begin to be described as panic.  So, it's fixed tomorrow am and I pray they don't cash the check for a few days.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Folk Life Fest-For the REAL PNW

Ava on the Bus

 Today we decided to get out of the house and enjoy a day without rain.  We loaded up the "littles" and jumped the bus to the Folk Life Festival at the Seattle Center.  The teens less than politely declined to attend, with eyes rolls and looks of disgust.  Psssshhhhhh.  what's wrong with a little folk in your life???

Burning up
After an uneventful bus trip (which is always a good thing) we were greeted with a 3 block walk straight up hill and a giant sign at the beer garden reading "NO ONE UNDER 21".  Oh snap.

Before we could even begin to take in the culture the kids were mesmerized by  
beautiful dread locked girl offering up face painting.  Irresistible and I must say the best at the festival and well worth the wait.


On Fire
 The lengthy line gave us more than ample opportunity to people watch and take it the true flare of the Pacific North West.  Tiered skirts, hiking boots, Teva sandals (which have replaced Birkenstock), head scarves, dread locks and ethnic food.  Everywhere.  The kids were especially interested in the "legalize Marijuana Team" which all happened to be wearing variation's of fur costumes.  I'm down with legalizing pot, but it just looks like a bunch of whacked out nut jobs instead of people who wanted to address the real issues at hand.  Funny non the less.

Next was on too food which there was plenty of!  Any thing from Africa, deep friend PB&J (my personal fave) and giant ears of corn.  I also feel in love with organic booze filled chocolates.  YUM
Elephant ears as big as your head

MMMM with butter and Parmesan

Delish with extra butter and pepper
Next we were off to shopping.  drooling mostly but the kids did each get a t-shirt, Ava a fun ring, an awesome poster for the boys room, my first henna of summer and a bitchin hat.
  • Luckily after some begging and bribery Amonte picked up the littles and Erik and I enjoyed a round in the beer garden.  Luckily I had my cute hat since the temps had dropped dramatically.  We finished off with some yummy Ethiopian food and African tea.  Took the bus home and enjoyed the peace of a sleeping house.  Heaven.
Beer Garden and cute hat!

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