Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's cold.  It's rainy. It's dark. It's nearly June.  If one more person tells me "Summer's here are amazing"....meaning the month of July...I'm going to cut a bitch.

Yesterday there was a glimpse of sun.  I was literally giddy.  I wanted to throw myself down in the parking lot and do sun angels.  In five minutes it was gone.  Gray returned and so did my gloomy mood.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vikings on the Loose

Seattle Finest
Ballard is traditionally the center of Seattle's ethically Scandinavian seafaring community.  Each year the entire neighborhood comes together on May 17th for Norwegian Constitution Day or Syttende Mai-to commemorate the signing of the Norwegian Constitution.  Not a big deal right?  Wrong.  Huge deal here with a full day of parties ending with a huge parade.  Attending the parade isn't really optional.  It's mandatory.

All of the local schools participate in one way or another.  The boys school has a unicycle troupe.  Yes a unicycle troupe.  In the 3rd grade unicycle training begins.  Thankfully they get helmets.

Anyway I rushed out of work early to beat the traffic and make it to the party.  I quickly realized I left my purse at home so we scrounged up quarters, loaded my tote bag and headed to the bus stop.  Slight detour because bus route IS the parade route but we made it just in time.

The parade had all the usual.  Bands, flags, a large number of clowns, a pancake brigade chasing giant pancakes with skillets.  Awesome right?

At the end of the day we waited with a friendly drunk man who shouting "everyone is Norwegian today!!!". And I think we did feel a wee bit Viking.

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