Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pretty in Pink

After a long night of screaming and tears I called a friend that works for an Orthopedic Dr and begged an appointment. Turns out her arm was actually broken. Huh. So much for x-rays being read by 2 Dr.s and a Radiologist. She is now sporting a hot pink cast and a sassy attitude to boot. The pain is much better controlled in the plaster restraint so she is feeling more like herself. But extra bossy. Extra demanding and extra pitiful. It's going to be a long 3 weeks.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Shabby Baby Girl Broke Her Crown

When I saw the Picture Princess contest at shabby apple I knew I found the perfect model! Who you ask??? Why Her Majesty of course. Since I have no recent photo's that were anywhere good enough to enter I decided to take her outside today and use my limited photography skills to get some winning pictures. What I didn't plan on (obviously) was her Evil Knievil move over the side of the slide. We ended up in the ER with a dislocation and severe sprain of the left arm. She will have to spend the next 2 weeks in a sling. Nice job Mom. So here are my 3 entries. I have zero editing ability so she is as she is. Purely beautiful. ****UPDATE Her arm is actually broken and was casted this am****

Ava is the perfect shabby baby model. She is a total girly girl who loves to dress up-do her "put a ring on it" dance and keep her "bad boys" AKA her brothers in line. She's got mad curls, a zany sense of humor and a heart the size of Texas. If she doesn't win on beauty and personality alone she certainly is worthy of a shabby baby wardrobe after the trauma she went through just to enter!!!

So here she is!

I love this one even though her dorky brother gave her rabbit ears. Damn my missing Photoshop gene. ***Thanks Nicole for taking out the hand!!!!***

I debated on this one. She was grubbing on some chicken wings. "Bones" and had made quiet a mess but it really shows her curls and her eyes....and her love of good eats! ***Thanks Ashley for editing out the food on her face!!!***

Just for fun-Taken when we returned from the ER-sleepy on morphine.

And this is her favorite shabby dress "little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby". Wouldn't she be perfect in it? Minus the barbecue sauce or arm sling of course!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for her!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1337 Gangsta Love

This past weekend was Amonte's state level BPA convention. Sadly, he did not make it to nationals. In computer security he missed going to the next round by two measly questions. Then to make matters worse the high score in round two was only like a 48. He placed 12 in Microsoft networking and the top 10 go nationals. However, if 2 people drop out then he can go in their place. This also means he misses out on the church mission trip to Jamaica. It is the same week as nationals and he had to choose one over the other month's ago because of deadlines. So he is a bit bummed that he gets to do neither. He did have a good time though and got out more than he has in months. Plus I think he may have met a girl-but talking to him about that is a total nonversation. Judging from the pictures there were some hawt little nerds there. Anyone is better than hickey girl.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Brazen Bull

I have never been even remotely excited about the idea of torturing someone. Until now. I would love to take the inventor of Day Light Savings and hang him by his toenails, naked, over a vat of popping hot bacon grease. Even that may be too kind.

Seriously. Did this "person" ever stop to consider the impact on child sleep patterns and thus a mother's sanity??? After failing to fall asleep at a decent hour on Sunday and having to be drug out of bed on Monday-Peyton has turned into a complete and total beast. Unlike a normal sleepy child who gets whiny or lays around-Peyton gets manic.

Last evening was spent with him antagonizing everyone in the house for hours. Burping in his sisters face, calling Cade names, hiding peoples things, throwing stuff, farting on the dog, squealing like a pig, banging on doors...the list goes on. Each episode followed by tearful apologies and then the mayhem resumed.

I expected him to pass out as soon as his head hit the pillow but instead he spent nearly two hours playing the drums on his bunkbed rails and singing Nickleback songs at the top of his lungs. Tonight he is in rare form again. He just inhaled 5 hot dogs and is now trying to erase everything that I type.

Pray. Pray for that evil, sadistic, master of time. Because I plan to do things to him that Amnesty International has never dreamed of.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Future Bachelor

Cade: I broke up with Zellie today. *Completely calm*
Me: Really? Why?
Cade: She coughed on my food! That is so nasty.
Me: Wow!
Cade: Yeah and she cried like a big baby!!! *Giggling*
Me: Well someday a girl will break up with you and you'll cry like a big baby.
Cade: No I won't! *Laughing* I'll just go get another girlfriend!

Apparently he and Jason have more in common then I would like to believe. Run Molly. Run.

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