Monday, June 23, 2008

Boo Hiss

Ava has a habit. It's more potent than crack. No, I'm not talking about my boobs-although those are apparently highly addictive too. This trumps princesses, pink and chocolate. Serious stuff huh? So how-pray tell- did she get her hands on something so potent? Easy peasy. We gave it to her. Knowing full freaking well she would get hooked and need an intervention worthy
of A & E.

So currently I am in the planning phase. Examining the steps needed to break this vicious cycle-hopefully without bringing everyone in the love shack to their knees.

Gather information about local treatment options and find one.
So the yellow pages and google offered up nothing. Apparently this has to be a
grass roots movement.

Make a clear plan.
Everytime I set a plan in motion something happens. She gets sick or ends up
in the company of an enabler.

Confront the problem.
I have done this with her. She steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that she has an issue.

Be as firm and specific as possible.
I'm a huge sucker.

Show her the reality of the situation.
She is two. This is her reality.

Ask others to help.
This is where you come in.

Don't be afraid to say how you really feel.
Hmmm. How do I feel?

Get professional help.
Again, no specialists in this area of addiction.

Set consequences for the problem.
Obviously this has to happen. Which ones to use? Or do rewards work better?

Offer hope in solving the problem.
I'm hopeful that nobody has ever gone to college with this disorder. However,
there was a girl in my High School that as far as I know never kicked it.

I'm ready. To do battle with the will of a toddler. To destroy what has become second nature to her. Her "boo" is history. No more pacifying her with the pacifier.

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