Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Azzdates Version 2.0

Do not attempt to download this file. Financial data will be stolen and used to pay for gas to multiple medical appointments, numerous prescriptions, supplies and compensation of lost wages.

Since the last azzdate there have been numerous changes. Some good. Some bad. Some unknown.

  1. Amonte saw the GI Dr. last week. They were not particularly impressed with the symptoms but did feel there may be a remote possibility of Crohns. They ordered a CT scan and referred us to a pediatric surgeon (the same one Dermatology did).
  2. Monday we received a call from the Dermatology fellow to tell us that all biopsy's were negative. "Good luck getting a diagnosis. " Thanks.
  3. Monday received an anxious call from pediatric surgical/endocrinologist wanting us to come at 3pm that afternoon. Met with the head of dept who is also a professor. He was impressed with the wounds and perplexed by their presentation. He firmly believes it does not fit the pattern of HS. Yahoo. However, he needs to explore more so a third surgery was scheduled for today. Boo. Hiss.
  4. Back to Ann Arbor on Tuesday for Ct Scan. Ct Scan completely negative. Hip Hip Hooray.
  5. Up at 5 am to head for Livonia for surgery. Zero hours of sleep night before due to baby with a fever and power outage. No power=no alarm clock. I was terrified I would over sleep even once the power came back. Got lost in the hood. Arrived at surgery center with moments to spare. Professor performed through exam under general anesthesia. No fistulas. Yeah baby. Large amount of tunneling and poor granulation of abscesses. Both areas enlarged. Shit. Professor presents information as generally positive but confusing. Does suggest that there is a strong possibility this may be Subcutaneous Crohns Disease...which is rare and untreatable. Damn. Numerous biopsies were taken and we must await results for any chance of diagnosis. Fudge.
  6. Professor suggests change in wound care regime. Sounds simple and painless. Hot diggity Dog.
  7. Quick case of diarrhea requires emergent wound care. Not simple. Not painless. U of M resident on call=no help. Pediatrician out of town=no help. Pediatrician on call="you're not my patient"=no help. Fuck me. Seriously. Tears and screaming ensued. I cried harder and longer tonight than I have in did Amonte. Boo. Hooo. Hoo.
  8. Tomorrow somebody better do something to help this kid. I want him admitted to the hospital for pain management and wound care. I'm going to be a bitch on a mission. I'm one step from a nervous breakdown. One tiny half step. Warned.


  1. Oh sweetheart. I hope something shows up soon!

  2. Warned with good reason! The poor boy :( You are doing an awesome job though Zoe, remember that & do not sell yourself short or take less from the doctors!


  3. Being a bitch with a mission is quite possibly the only way to get something like this done. I think the health care professionals may see so much of what they call "interesting, but not life threatening" that they forget the havoc the condition is wreaking on the patient and family. It would give anybody a nervous breakdown, except, oh, you don't have time for that. Virtual hugs, sis.

  4. man! i hope that you can get some answers soon!! poor kid and poor momma. seriously i can't even imagine!!

  5. I just can't believe all that you guys are going through. poor, poor Amonte. Bitch away if it helps get things moving a little faster!

  6. GOOD LUCK! I agree, You are doing an Awesome job. Anyone in your shoes would be near a nervous breakdown and poor Amonte. I hope that they get you help and figure this out soon!

  7. You go get em sister! give em hell and get your baby some relief. You keep as strong as you can for him, we are all pulling for both you and your baby!
    Lots of hugs, positive thoughts, and a bucket of 'bitch' power for you and yours !!

  8. Hmmm, so sounds like they still have no clue. Good luck today. Don't take no for an answer!

  9. Poor Amonte! You are doing a great job Zoe! Sorry it is such a tough time for you! Keeping you all in my prayers.

  10. If you need a bitch to help you out in Ann Arbor, you know you just need to call me.

  11. I would not want to be in your way tomorrow. Take no prisoners and get the care your son and you need and deserve! You will be in my thoughts.

  12. I'm sorry Zoe...sorry, sorry, sorry. Again, I really wish there was something that I can do. But, lots of virtual hugs, and prayers for an answer soon.


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