Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Egging it on

Here at the love shack I promote self expression. I try to get them to "use their words" and desire them to be creative. I mean anybody can say stupid or butthead! Do you want to be common? I also encourage them to try new things. For example this Christmas Peyton and Cade discovered that like big brother Amonte they love eggnog! Personally I can only swallow the stuff if it is rum laden.

The other night I was hanging up clothes in the bedroom and I could hear the three little ones "playing together".

Peyton: Your an eggnogger!

THUNK. Loud laughter.

Cade: No! You're an eggnoger!

THUNK. More laughter.

This went on for a while. Calls of "eggnogger" and laughter. I already know laughter at my house is bad. I should have went and looked.

Next thing I know Cade is SCREAMING! He comes running to me holding his eye and bawling.

Me:What happened????

Cade: (Through the sobs)Ava egged me!!

Apparently they were "egging" each other with Ava's 1/2 dozen wooden eggs that she got for her kitchen....resulting in an ouchy eye and a few dents in the wall.

I have to say"eggnogger" is some inspired name calling. And as an added bonus my daughter does not throw like a girl (unlike her mother). Since egging has been mastered I will have to offer some inventive opportunities for TP'ing.


  1. Ok, I shouldn't have laughed, cause I have been in similar situations, but yet, I still laughed. I am a bad person.

  2. Ow! Oh, my eyes hurt just thinking about it. I've seen those wooden eggs.

  3. Much more civilized than the "Eff you, Batman" play I overheard one time with my two.

  4. holy crap that's hilarious!

  5. Ha, I'm sure you throw just fine. Who would've thought they should have put a warning label on the carton of wooden eggs, "Will turn children into eggnoggers"

  6. LOL! Too funny! Hazel finally got a taste of her own medicine today in the bullying department. I have a 2-seater stroller (because who the hell wants to chase EITHER one of my kids around Pier 1 trying to ensure that they aren't breaking anything). This was a luxury I missed while in Alaska. Hazel ALWAYS sits in the back of it. But, (again, because we are at Pier 1) I wanted Luka in the back so he couldn't reach out so easily to dismantle everything in the store. It didn't take him long to figure out he was in the prime position to yank on his sister's hair. Needless to say, the trip to Pier 1 quickly turned into Hazel screaming at the top of her lungs, and Luka laughing hysterically.

  7. LOL zoe...i swear your kids are future comedians. brilliant. but i bet that really hurt! yeah your kids are so funny that my hubby is constantly reading your blog over my shoulder now...and he NEVER reads blogs. so thats how entertaining ya'll are!

    oh btw...congrats on winning the reading w/ witcheypoo. i'm sooooo happy for totally deserve it & i know you could use it right now!

    ps--got my mixer if you smell cupcakes tomorrow, its me sending you those thoughts... LOL, i know i'm probably cruel but i'm not trying to be. trust me...i am not a great cook...these are mixes from williams sonoma. if they would make a trip, i'd mail you some. or do you bake @ all? i'd send you a mix soon when i have money again? cause i think ya'll could all use some sprinkles cupcakes!


  8. I truly hope that my little one doesn't throw anything like me. *sigh* I suck.

  9. My Ava once whommped me in the head with a wooden lemon so i feel for your little one... but it could have been worse... they could have been using REAL eggs...

  10. Oh yes - laughter and silence are always signs of imminent disaster when you're a parent.

  11. I love how you fear the laughter from another room, for I, too, have come to know its evil.

    How many times have I yelled down a hallway "Stop that laughing!" It's a unique mom thing, to want to stop any and all unsolicited fun.

  12. OK, so you knew you should have gone to look, but didn't. I've been there. I usually pay for it. Looking back now, though, isn't it funny?

  13. ha! I love the tern "eggnogger"!
    Hey, Ava's got to hold her own with all those boys in that house!

  14. EGGNOGGER...that's my new favorite dirty word!'re such an eggnogger! THUNK.

    Congrats on winning the reading. So happy for you!

  15. Whenever TJ is silent I know somethings up. Or when his daddy is home, and they are cracking up in the other room, you know they are up to something....
    TJ's weapons of choice are his Thomas trains.

    TJ: Mommie you fixin' my twain twacks?
    Me: No I am busy maybe later
    TJ quietly walks away....
    next thing I know WHACK!
    A train comes flying at me from around the corner...and then a hysterical giggle.
    TJ: Now fixin the twain twacks mommie??
    Me: No mommie's now whooping your butt!

  16. Oh! Too funny. Maybe get them some plush eggs instead? LOL.

  17. My brother still has the 2 sets of boxing gloves my parents gave us one year for Christmas. Saved loads on ER visits!

  18. silence and laughter, two beautiful things. but when you have kids- two terrifying things! you always know nothing good is gonna come of it. I'm breaking out into a cold sweat just thinking about the last time silence invaded my house=)


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