Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Duck and run for cover

Somebody is crazy. Somebody's therapist knows that if it looks like crazy, smells like crazy and tastes like crazy then somebody truly is crazy. Somebody's highly trained therapist diagnosed it as crazy and prescribed the necessary kiddie cocktail. Somebody's highly trained therapist does not order refills on previously mentioned cocktail. Somebody's highly trained therapist kindly requests 24 hours notice to refill the delicious Shirley Temple concoction. Somebody's highly trained therapist has a message on her answering machine that she is closing her practice: please schedule an appoint to discuss the transfer of records and kindly allow 48 hours notice when requesting refills. Somebody is highly aware that they are crazy so they request med refills one week in advance. Somebody's highly trained therapist did not bother to return Somebody's telephone call requesting med refills and an appointment. Somebody's crazy ass ran out of meds and is now experiencing withdrawal and semi psychosis. Somebody is held together fairly well with duct tape and super glue. However, someone who lacks such quick fixes may find themselves on top of the Consumers building with an automated weapon should such a highly trained therapist not bother to refill their meds.


  1. That redonkulous!!!! They should've given you notice at least a month in advance if the practice was closing...umm, WTF??

  2. Wow, my dotcomrade. ;0) That no good. I've never heard of a practice just up and closing. Now that's crazy! Maybe somebody's therapist could use a cocktail of their own?


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