Friday, October 5, 2007

What do you mean it's not Johnny Depp?

Today Mary posted about her Fav thing being Netflix (my current fave right now is Edys Mango ice cream..double delicious yum). I have been considering getting Netflix for over a year now to prevent incidents such as the following:

Last summer Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was coming out and none of us had seen the first one. Amonte, his BFF Tyler and 2 boys I was babysitting for asked me to pick it up at the rental. In a hurry I ran in and did a quick survey of the movies. Ahha! I spoted Pirates right away. Handsome Johhny Depp and that wench Kiera Knightly grace the cover. I rented it immediately, took it home, threw it on the counter and forgot about it.

The next am:

Mark-Um, who rented that video?
M-What video?
Mark-The one on the counter (rolling his eyes).
M-Oh yeah, I rented that for the boys. They wanted to see it before the second one comes out.
Mark-Really. What movie did you rent exactly?
M-Pirates of the Caribean..WTF..can't you read?
Mark-That is NOT what you rented.
M-Why is there a different movie in the box ????(totally pissed about that thought)
Mark-No. There is a pirate movie in that box.
Me-Yeah dumb ass. Pirates of the know with Johnny Depp?
*The kids hear and run in..."Can we watch it now?"
Me- Sure!
Mark-I wouldn't advise it.
Me- What is your fucking problem?
Mark-Come here and see wait in the kitchen.
Man who looks like Johhny Depp-Whose a naughty pirate hunter (in booming voice)
2 naked wenches-1 who looks like Kiera-in singsong unison- YOU ARE!
* Hysterical laughter from the kitchen
Me-Um. So not Pirates of the Caribbean.
Mark-What was your first clue?

Netflix may be just what I need.


  1. That's funny. We always end up renting from Hollywood Video but always end up with late fees. I am soooo bad about returning them. Which leads me to another one of my favorites. Check out my blog!

  2. We do Blockbuster online which is the same as Netflix... only better (in our opinion)! You get your movies in the mail, but you can also return your movies to the store instead of sticking them in the mailbox and when you do that you get a free movie right then. Plus your next one is on the way to you the next day!
    I like doing that because I got frustrated sometimes waiting for the time it took for them to get the movie back in the mail and then wait for your new one to come to your house. Sometimes I just want a movie NOW! And for free!

  3. OMG.. I am rolling.. that is hilarious!
    But yeah we do the blockbuster online thing too. I love it. you get online and free rental in the store, when you drop off the mailed movie.

  4. That could happen ordering online, too, you know. They obviously were riding on the tail (sorry) of PoC and intentionally made themselves look like PoC. If you ordered online quickly, well, you could find such thing in your mailbox. Or maybe it would be more difficult to snatch-and-grab. (So sorry.)

    A similar thing happened to my brother. He checked out a Disney movie only to find his kids watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." They were enjoying it, too.

  5. ROFL!!
    Yeah, we do Netflix. We thought about Blockbuster online, but since we don't live close to one, we probably wouldn't use the "return in to the store and get a new one" feature. So we went with Netflix, and love it. We don't watch too much tv, so we only have the "unlimited one dvd out at a time" monthly plan. $8.99

  6. Hey who doesn't like a little pirate porn now and again!


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