Monday, October 29, 2007

Large ears are good for listening

Over heard while I was in the bathroom last night, pieces of a conversation:
Peyton: Wanna see something cool?
Peyton: Go get the scissors.
Peyton: No get mom's really sharp ones.
Peyton: Keep Ava over there in case something goes wrong.

Pieces of a conversation overheard this morning:
Cade: Dad said no.
Peyton: Ask mom.
Cade: No dad said no.
Peyton: But mom is the boss.
Cade: No dad is, he is bigger.
Peyton: Yeah but only by a tiny bit and remember mom has the check book.


  1. Sounds like some serious stuff in the first conversation! HA! Good thing they know to keep Ava away!
    Love little kid conversations!

  2. OMG. Too funny. Have a great evening. See you tomorrow for that chocolate martini!

  3. Hahaha! Those sound like some clever little guys you have there!

  4. HA!! I just want to know what they were keeping Ava away from & what they wanted the scissors for??


  5. I'm with Lina - what were they doing?! Thank goodness they were keeping Ava away . . . for a split second I thought she might be missing a few curls this morning!

  6. Ha! I love it. "Mom has the checkbook."

  7. I have no clue what they were doing. But all curls were attached!!!


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