Friday, February 29, 2008


Melinda gave me this cute little award! Don't ya just want to hug him? Melinda always has the best give aways and her blog is chock full of need to know information. I'd like to pass it on to Cookiebitch but she hates all things cute and cuddly-and I'm afraid she would hurt me!

witchypoo has tagged me for 7 quirky things about me. Since I am her internet bitch I will quickly comply. Apparently I am a rather quirky person...because even though I have done a few of these I always manage to be able to list a few more goofy things about myself. Who knew.

  1. I hate feet. I find them utterly disgusting. I don't like my feet to be touched either...unless I'm having a pedicure. Then it's ok. But only then and by a paid professional.
  2. When ever I come in contact with someone wearing acrylic nails all I can think about is the obscene number of bacteria living under them.
  3. I LOVE to have my eyebrows waxed.
  4. I love to pop pimples an pick blackheads. Oh the faces I would love to get my little extractor on.
  5. I love the smell of bleach.
  6. I have to clean my ears everyday. Yes, I know your not supposed to. But I have to. Ear wax is repulsive.
  7. When I grocery shop I organize my food on the conveyor belt so that like things are bagged together. So, I'm a little OCD. Ok?
I tag Jessica Of One Swift Click fame and Keri.


  1. i share all your quirks except one - i hate feet but love to have my feet rubbed by john!

    have a great weekend!

  2. I purposely put my stuff in on the belt too, and I think they like to mess with me when they bag it and mix it all back up. I love being able to bag my own stuff so I can organize it where it's going in the kitchen.
    I also clean my ears everyday.

  3. You have an extractor?
    Wonder how you clean those puppies?
    Ear wax, gotcha, but a few drops of mineral oil will dissolve it without all that pesky injury to your ears.
    PS I stumbled you because I want everyone to know that you are my internet bitch. Better than peeing to mark your territory hehe.

  4. I'm am with you on most of these. #7 especially. I am a freak about that one. But it makes everything so much easier to put away when you get home, right?

  5. dang. i thought you and i were soulmates with #7. guess now you can rest assured that you're a little less crazy than you think ;) and, thanks for tagging me. now i have to think about which of my quirks are actually quirks or if they're tickets to the asylum.

  6. I organize my stuff on the conveyor belt too!

  7. Oh the things we have in common, ha! The grocery store, I have my belt arrangement down to a science.

  8. Right there with you on no. 2, no. 6 and no. 7!

  9. OMG! #2 is the one that makes me the MOST insane! My MIL has them and uses hers as utensils, for eating and cooking. I think of them as her *pincers*. Every time I see her using them, inside my head I'm screaming "YOU ARE PUTTING THOSE FILTHY THINGS IN THE FOOD I'M GOING TO EAT??????"

    I love you for being equally as quirky as I am. I hate to be alone, wondering if it's just me. Good to see people who still have standards.

  10. I clean my ears everyday, I think of all the bacteria under acrylics and yes, I organize my food on the belt at Meijer. Too funny.

  11. i am with you on 5/6/7. however, i love my feet on most days!

  12. I don't think the grocery thing is weird at all! We do that. (Well, Mr. Hot does. I just stand there and watch!) ;-)

  13. I'm right there with ya on #1, #5, #6 and #7!!

  14. Wow, Zoe...I thought we might be soulmates after the lovely Punk Is Not Dead baby tee you sent for Luka's b-day. ( was my favorite gift he got...even better than what I got him!) And, now that I've read your quirks...I'm convinced! Feet disgust me...especially Bryan's. It has been a nice 15 months of not hearing, "Honey, will you rub my feet?" *sigh* I'm sure those nasty tootsies will be begging for rubs after 15 months in the desert, sweating away in combat boots. *gag*

  15. I absolutely despise the smell of bleach. So much so, that I have to be totally desperate to use it. And if I get it on my hands, I will use every lotion-like product in my house to mask it.

    You're nuts, man.


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