Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Bother

Why do I bother? Really? Mark didn't work tonight so we decided to take the terrorists out to eat. Yeah all four of them. I know what am I crazy? Well, yes. Actually I am. Occasionally I get this misguided belief that maybe, just maybe I could sit down to a meal with my lovely children and be spared public humiliation. I know your all laughing at me. Stop it.

So we ventured out to one of Hicksville's fine dining establishments. By fine dining I mean we had a waitress, there was no buffet and the plates weren't paper. In less than five minutes Amonte had his I-Pod on-Ava had thrown all her silverware on the floor and was trying to pull my shirt off -Peyton and Cade were beating the crap out of each other. Surprisingly, we didn't have to ask for our bill.

After attempting to eat my meal with both Cade and Ava mauling me, Peyton crying to sit with me and Amonte permanently damaging his ear drums I was more than ready to head home to bed. Mark took Peyton to spend the night with my mom and I ventured out into the snow with the three remaining darlings.

Ava is down to only having her pacifier (her "boo") in the car and in bed. Of course "boo" was no where to be found so she SCREAMED the entire way home. This greatly upset Cade and his ultra sensitive ears so he had to scream too. Oh, plus I could hear Amonte's crap rap like I had the head phones on. James Blunt at full blast is not relaxing. Who knew.

Now Ava and Cade are sleeping in my bed with their arms wrapped around each other. Amonte still has his I-Pod on. Mark has assumed his position on the couch and Norm is snoring in his crate. I hope my mom is having as much luck with Peyton Church.

Sweet Dreams.


  1. Couldn't you maybe rent them out as birth control incentive?
    Might as well make a buck off the liddle boogers ;)
    See? I'm always thinking of ya.
    I got your back.

  2. I don't want to have anymore kids after reading that, how much do I owe you?

  3. We haven't gone out for dinner yet. Yes, we live a sad and sheltered life.

    Yes, Amy is 18mths old.


  4. Oh, I feel your pain!!!
    Lucky for me though, my husband is a bad ass with the kids. As long as he is there, I know they will behave.

  5. dinner out is not something we do often...i actually can't remember the last time we took them out to eat!! i always start out so positive when i do though...and then about 10 minutes into it wonder how did i forget what it's like?!

    anyways! that picture is adorable!:)

  6. I hear ya Zoe, and don't worry, it's normal. Not fun, but normal! Brian and I tried to have lunch a few weeks ago. Bianca proceeded to throw every piece of food on the floor and Annika whined and cried the whole time, while switching from my lap, to Brian's, to the floor, to asking to go pee every second, but refusing to use the potty. The food tasted like shit, the girls didn't eat even half of 1 meal, we didn't get comp'ed for our burnt burger and the girls didn't get their sundaes. It was a miserable experience, not one I want to do again anytime soon, and we are out $40! What a waste!

  7. do you get tired of me saying your life makes me giggle? sorry if the answer is yes. your blog is definitely birth control for me... i would love to be a mom 1 day, but i like to eat out & stuff so no thank you (@ least anytime soon lol). anyway, have you put in for nanny 911? j/k..i'm sure you dont want that crap lol. oh btw james blunt would never relax me...lol. god i couldnt take it. anyway you are a brave brave woman...and a wonderful 1 too. =)

    ps--sorry i was so behind in commenting..i didnt forget you. so dont kill me if i comment on like all 8 missed posts lol...

  8. Glad I got 3! We take my niece out and even with that extra adult that third one just pushes me over the edge. Sorry honey that things are not going well. I'll be thinking about you while I get away from my family this weekend and get to spend the entire weekend by myself! Kisses!

  9. Aawww..C'mon! They look like two perfect little angels in that picture, Zoe! :)

    Someday, a loooong time from now, you'll look back on these days and laugh!


  10. Ahh, you're THAT family, huh? :) Yeah, I admit, we are, too! I like it when we take our 3 (7, almost 2, & 3 months old) out to eat with our friends and their 3 (8, 6, & 3). Oh yeah, everyone BEGS to sit in our section! At least in a year or so I'll be able to consume alcohol to assist in getting through those meals. :)

  11. You are a brave woman to even attempt that - Rob and I actually attempted dinner at home with our 2 year old and afterwards we were like "So this is why we eat by ourselves after his bedtime at 8:30 p.m. every night..."

  12. Well . . .the humiliation of the bad eating out experience still isn't as bad as the humiliation as the bad public restroom experiences . . .

    Why the hell are those stalls so small that you can't fit a stroller into them? Why must I poo with the door open while holding an infant's foot while he screams?

    good times.

  13. But at least they look innocent when they're sleepingk, right?

  14. I can completely relate to that story! Isn't it so nice when it is all over and they are sleeping!

  15. And to think I have been trying to decide if I want more..... maybe this is my answer.....:) J/K

    Kids are the best, even when there not....

  16. We ate out all the time when it was just Wynnie. We never eat out anymore now that there are 2. We tried when Mack was a baby and I ended up standing outside the restaurant with screaming baby while Wynnie and hubs ate their meal. I was so ticked off I just can't do it again.

  17. I can't get enough of the kids when they sleep like that...it's the awake part that puts me over the edge.

    oh, and i got you beat. Had to spend ANOTHER 70 dollars on antibiotics for my last girl today. All 3 on meds; life is grand.

  18. Aw Zoe but they look so cute in that picture!
    I can't imagine taking 4 kids out to dinner. We brought T-man out last weekend and him and the other 1 year old next to us had a growling contest. T-man won. He was the loudest!

  19. Miraculously, my kids do rather well in restaurants...now. But, I remember a time when Hazel was less than a year old...she was allergic to restaurants. The kid was a perfect angel until she had to eat a meal anywhere other than her high chair at home. And, she always waited until the food just arrived at the table to start screaming unmercifully. I can't tell you how many untouched dinners we had to load up into take-home containers. I can remember several tear-filled car rides home, and the tears weren't falling from the kid's eyes! Thank God, she's over that!

  20. Oh so many rides in the car with the girl screaming for her nuk that she threw on the other side of the car and I can't reach it while I'm driving. I started keeping a spare.I don't know what it is with the car and nuks I thought she was the only one who HAD to have one in the car. I'm, well J, is trying to break her from the nuk we were at where you were and once she got sick I was like here ya go.
    Sorry dinner was such a fiasco, i can't imagine trying to control 3. And the ipod during diner would bug the shit out of me.


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