Friday, February 22, 2008

College fund or Rehab?

I guess I need to update on Her Majesty. She has hit 2 with full force and has been keeping me rather busy.

  • The Saturday that Cade infected everyone Ava and I were working on potty training. The day before I had bought her The Royal Potty which plays music when you go. She was most impressed and was using it frequently. While I was washing her potty for the 100th time Peyton came into the bathroom and announced "you are going to be so mad at Ava" and walked out. I thought "what else is new?" and kept cleaning. Amonte then came home from his dad's and asked "do you really want Ava doing shots of Tylenol?". WTF???? Yes, there she is on the kitchen floor with a little medicine cup tipping back children's Tylenol like an experienced bar whore.
  • I called poison control and of course got someone who literally spoke NO English. Nice. My mommy came out to watch the other kids and I dressed Her Naughtiness and drug her to Big Medicines ER. Big medicine has a beautiful new ER and a horrible reputation. I was not amused.
  • To make a long story short we spent the remainder of the evening there force feeding her charcoal and being completely ignored by the staff. Except of course the one who walked by and whispered loudly to a co-worker "overdose" and shook her head.
  • For Ava's first birthday I had a giant fairy themed party. Unfortunately we had a blizzard that day and the party was pretty much a wash. I really didn't feel right having another huge party for her when Amonte hasn't even gotten to celebrate his 16th yet so I just planned something small. Tuesday my friend CoCo and I took her to Novi for a "girl's day". We went to Build a Bear, had lunch, shopped and got her first real haircut. We drove home from Novi in a snow storm. Do you thing this is some kind of omen??? Mark's dad and and his girlfriend came over, along with Coco and we had pizza, presents and cupcakes.
Naming Her creation "LoLa".

Lola and Ava having lunch.

Ava getting her cut and a blow out. I was stunned she let him blow her hair out straight. Afterwards she kept flipping it all around. She was rather impressed with herself.

Opening gifts.

Forcing my love of all things Hello Kitty on her with some crafty cupcakes.

She kept blowing out the candle before we were done singing.
  • That same night she got sick. Which was also fairly reminiscent of her first birthday when she was admitted to the hospital shortly after with a horrible case of RSV. Luckily this was minor and she was on the mend by the weekend for her second party at my parents house.
Again with my love for Hello Kitty. This fine confection courtesy of Grandma.

Eating her cake. Actually she merely cut it and spread it around. For some ungodly reason this little freak of nature does not love cake.

Loving on her new cousin Charmin. She is generally not a fan of anyone stealing her thunder and I was a bit worried how she would respond. Luckily she loved him!

  • And finally. I do believe that I have created a monster. On a short shopping trip to find a dress for her pictures she had a complete and total meltdown over a pair of shoes. Shoes that she loved, coveted and carried gently all through the Gap. Shoes that I had no intention of buying as they did not match the dress and they were summer shoes. It's freezing here people. I bought her another purse instead.


  1. Who is this child that drinks tylenol like an experienced bar whore and does not like cake?
    You gonna have to watch her. Any kid you can't bribe with cake is trubble. I kid!

  2. well, atleast she doesn't mind taking her medicine? :) sounds like you have a real wingdinger of a hospital there - eeek!

  3. She actually likes her medicine?? TJ won't touch his with a 10 ft pole! It is a major struggle to get him to take any medicine!
    I guess that is better then him downing it like crazy though :)

  4. I'm thinking you need a coupla shots after all that!
    And a girl lovin' her some shoes! Wynnie does the same thing and she is now old enough to BUY HER OWN with her piggy bank money. Lovin' that!

  5. She is so gorgeous! Even if she was doing shots of Tylenol.

  6. OMG! She looks so much older w/ her hair blown straight! That post was too funny :)

  7. you my friend are in need of a vacation! all that and you are still able to blog! glad Ava is OK. she is definately not the first to do that. they make it taste so good, what do they expect?!
    I love her hello kitty cakes! She is so adoreable!!!!

  8. OMG, good luck with that child. I have 3 boys and 1 girls also....and the girl was/is the roughest. She sounds like a handful, but she is awfully cute.

  9. When I was a kid, I remember eating a whole bottle of Flintstone's vitamins because I liked the way they taste. I survived . . . . granted, I may be more deranged because of it, but I think your kid will make it.

    I like how she was doing it like an experienced bar whore. Get her an audition for Cyote Ugly now!

  10. You poor thing!!! I hope things get better soon! You need a breather!

  11. ava is sure a princess. my little guy drank windex when he was 2. yeah, it's fun. love the hello kitty confections!
    my blog

  12. My brother ate a bottle of children's vitamins (They may have been Flintstones, too). My sister swigged off a bottle of pool chlorine (there was just a few drops in the bottom, thank goodness) because she thought it was lemonade.

    They both survived ;-)

  13. I didn't think there was anyone on the planet who could possibly hate the local ER more than me. Such effing bastids.

    Glad your girl is okay.

  14. Those cupcakes and the cake are so cute. i love the Hello Kitty theme-

  15. Aw the charcoal must've been awful. When did we outsource poison control. My husband must have gotten one that spoke better English when called, he goes nuts when he can understand them. I love her blow out, I can believe you didn't get the shoes, I'm sure they would've match something;)And shoot summer is only 4 months away. The cupcakes are cute.

  16. she is just so darn cute. you poor thing. she must have scared the lights out of you. matt did this once to me after he pulled an all nighter. i dosed on the couch only to wake to him ingesting tylenol! ugh!!!

    things will get better!!!

  17. sweet mercy zoe, time to lock yourself in the closet and start doing tylenol shots your own self!

  18. Look at how freaking cute she is kissing her little Charmin! Love love love when the little ones are gentle with the even littler ones!

    Okay her with the Tylenol though........not so cute! My God that must have been scary! Glad she is okay!

    Man need a vacation!

  19. " an experienced bar whore." Bwahahaha! I seriously laughed so hard I cried (and probably woke my kids up from their nap). Funny story...on our way to Bryan's dad's funeral (we drove all the way from North Carolina to Washington state...don't ask), we stopped in Kansas to stay with one of my nearest and dearest friends. Said friend has a really nice black lab mix that Hazel LOVES. For good reason! I was changing Luka's diaper in the bedroom when Mia (the dog) comes into the room carrying the cap to a bottle of children's Tylenol between her teeth. I immediately ran into the living room where Hazel stood, knocking back her own shots of the stuff. She got the freakin' dog to chew the top off of the child-proof bottle. She actually said, "Mia help me," and pointed at the dog! Fortunately, I knew there was only about a dose left in the bottle. So, no ER trip for us. Oh, and I LOVE the Hello Kitty cupcake and cake. I, too, am in love with the cute little cat!

  20. Too cute!! Too funny!! You're going to have to write a book one of these days!! ;P

  21. OMG! That is crazy! What a little stinker! Glad to hear her party went well! Sounds like you made it special for her!

  22. omg!! ava is adorable 1st of all...but experienced bar whore?? you kill me... i laughed so hard i almost threw up lol. man what a riot...your kid doing shots. that tells ya something huh? lol.. anyway she is super cute though...weird about shots of meds & not liking cake but ok. and love your forced hello kitty loving....brilliant. =)


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