Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kitchen Science

CAUTION: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. The following experiment was done in a controlled environment under the supervision of a professional.

Subject: Adorable. Nearly two. Known to have an attitude.

Environment: Cramped Kitchen.

Study Participants: Frustrated mother, antagonizing siblings, begging dog.

Procedure: Place subject into highchair while kicking and screaming. Provide her with glass of milk. Place bowel of Spaghettios (which antagonizing siblings have requested for nourishment) on tray. Turn back on subject.

Outcome: Sippy cup of milk thrown on floor in 2 seconds flat. Lips in pout position. One bite of Spaghettios placed in subjects mouth. Frustrated mother turn back. Loud thud followed by hysterical laughter and dog running from under high chair.

Conclusion: A bowel of Spaghettios tossed off a high chair at maximum velocity by subject will produce a splatter pattern of 10 feet high and approximately 5 feet wide. This will induce antagonizing siblings into fits of laughter which they are unable to recover from. Begging dog will have quick and easy meal. Subject will be satisfied.

Side note: Splatter not instantly cleaned will have to be scrubbed off at a later time. I do mean SCRUBBED.


  1. What an Experiment! I don't think that I want to try that one!

  2. That was quite the experiment. I hope it doesn't take too much elbow grease to clean it up.

    Oh, I completely forgot to write you yesterday. We are going to dinner with some friends this evening. I am doing aerobics Thursday instead. i could meet up Thursday or next Tuesday. Does either day work for you?

  3. I'm sure that experiment is coming. I've had some along those lines though. I am thankful for the dog sometime, instant vacuum cleaner.

  4. Oh dear! I have been through a few of those myself, minus the dog.

  5. I had a similar experiment today too! But mine was in the bathroom with paint! Ohh the joy!

  6. Oh man! At least the dog helped clean up a bit!

  7. My dream kitchen has a drain in the floor, and a strong hose. Hose the kitchen down, the kids, it's all good.

  8. Wow....nice report! LOL.

    Hope it isn't too hard to clean up. Magic Erasers work like....well "magic" for those kinds of things! Trust me....been there done that!

  9. Oh heck! I'm with Witchypoo! My future kitchen will all be of the most durable & beautiful brushed stainless steel & have drains. Washes itself too just like the inside of a dishwasher-skip the maple & sage, it dirties too fast!

    Ok, time to snap back to reality! I think that Norm could have been totally worth his weight in gold @ that point :)

  10. Bwahahaha! That's almost as good as the time I let Bryan attempt to make grape juice. Seriously, it shouldn't have been this difficult! All of a sudden I hear him screaming obscenities from the kitchen, so I inquired as to what was wrong. "Nothing, nothing..." he muttered. I walked in the kitchen to find CONCENTRATED grape juice goo all over the walls and ceiling. How does that happen?!? And, no amount of scrubbing ever got the stains out! Glad it was when we were still living in an apartment!


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