Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Six and one to grow on

Dear Peyton,

Saturday you turned six. It's only fitting that I am late posting this because you love to torture me with "are we late yet?" anytime we have to leave the house. Generally we are and you love to remind me.

Your mind never stops. You frequently tell me your "head hurts from thinking too much" or that you "couldn't sleep because you were thinking". You have an amazing thirst for knowledge. You love to sit in the bathroom while I get ready and ask me a million questions. At night you like to curl up on my bed and have "deep talk" with me. When I don't have the answers you say "Google it".

You love music. You hear a song once and you know nearly all the words. You can not color without singing. You can not poop with out singing...but that's ok...at least you don't have to get butt naked anymore!

You have a killer sense of humor and are quiet the show off. This and your good looks have made you the rock star of the K set.

You are sensitive and caring. You are strong and brave. You are growing up so fast. I hold the tiny hand print ornament that you made for Christmas just after your first birthday and I am filled with such a wide range of emotion: Sorrow, longing, pride, happiness and wonder. You are an amazing young man and I am so proud to be on this journey with you. As much as I love you being my little boy-I look forward to seeing the man you will become.

All the love in my heart. Forever,


  1. Oh, that was beautiful. *dabbing eyes*
    The photograph? Amazing. Just. Amazing.

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  3. Let's try this again because that last post made no sense at the end. That'll teach me to watch TV and type at the same time! Anyway, Happy birthday Peyton! Geez, Zoe...that post gave me a major case of the sniffles. Not just because it was sentimental, but because you seem to have a child that doesn't spend most of the day screaming, "I HATE YOU, I WANT DADDY TO COME HOME!" LOL. She has no idea that Daddy would be the last one to put up with her crap if he wasn't deployed. She's in for a rude awakening when he gets home in April. But, seriously...I'm beginning to wonder if the mean, nasty little girl will ever go back to being the nice, loving little girl that I knew and loved.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Zoe, you have an amazing way with words!!!

  5. Happy birthday Peyton! Time goes way to quickly. But, we already had this convo! I hope he enjoyed his day!

  6. Nice post! I love the picture. You really should frame this picture and your posting with it! He looks like he really thinking of a super good wish for this year:)

  7. Happy Birthday Peyton. Your Mommy sure loves you.

  8. Aww Zoe, that was so sweet. Now I have wet eyes. Such a blessing aren't they?

  9. Peyton sounds really easy to love and fun to be around.

    Beautiful post. Be sure you save a hard copy of it somewhere for him to savor when he's got a six-year-old.

    Oh no. Now I really am going to cry.

    Anne @lifepundit.net

  10. Zoe, that was sooo sweet! What an adorable picture of him too! Do you save all of these letters you write to these kids? They are so special :)

  11. Happy Birthday Peyton!
    How sweet! He is such a handsome little guy :)


  12. That is Beautiful! What a Lucky little guy to have such a Wonderful Mother! Happy Birthday Peyton! That Cake looks Delicious too!


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