Monday, March 3, 2008

I feel pretty oh so pretty...

As most of you know the past few months have not exactly been a cake walk here at the love shack. There has been illness, drama, frustration and just plain craziness. Seriously without my friends (both real and cyber) and my family I don't know how I would have made it through this time. I feel like it is hopefully winding down. Amonte may be headed back to school soon and things are returning to their normal state of chaos. I have several of you that I want to thank:

Mary, Lisa and Amy: 3 sisters who have been amazingly faithful to both my blog and me personally. They recently sent Amonte a care package that totally made his day and mine. These girls are truly amazing friends, women and mothers.

witchypoo: I may be her cyber bitch but she takes good care of me. She is an awesome listener with a great sense of humor. Full of practical advice and I know her healing vibes have been so helpful in healing Amonte's ass.

Michelle: Who sent me the cutest freakin hello kitty easter book from Etsy. I adore it and can't wait to put easter pics in it. For her friendship and support. She has also started a cyber fat camp. Hopefully with her in my cornerI can loose some pudge. Be watching for that on what shall be know as fat camp Friday. I'm even going to take pics of my fat and post them.

Holly: For listening and friendship. For sending me a super cute purse. And inspiring me to create. I wish my craftiness could equal hers.

My coworkers at big medicine: I know I am prone to bitching about my work and the politics. I try not to do much of it here so I don't get Dooce-ed. But during these past months my boss and co-workers have been amazing. From bringing us meals, cleaning my house, doing my laundry, donating money and vacation time to help us financially. Seriously I'm not sure what I would have done without you.

My mom: For the metric ton of laundry she did and for rushing to the house x2 to watch the kids for er visits.

Jeannine: For listening and more laundry. For being the one person who I know "gets" me.

Andrea: For watching my kids for free so I could take Amonte to his various appts. For taking me to the er and staying all night. For your awesome friendship to me and my children.

All of my readers: I'm a comment whore what can I say. Your comments, support and friendship have made the past few months bearable. I can not thank you enough.




  1. Aww, Zoe! You're too sweet! I'm glad I could be there for you...anytime! :0) And, I got your cards today. Thanks so much! Hazel loved the tattoos, but is hoarding them as of right now. I tried to get her to let me put one on her after he bath. No such luck. I'll try again tomorrow. And, I'll keep you posted on CHA! :0)

  2. zoe - you have a way with words and i think you've made many of our days with your posts. it's great you got a lot of people to lean on when you need 'em! you rock!

  3. I'm wicked happy you feel the worst may be over, and that you have a RL support system. Sistah friends are the best!

  4. We just dig you, what can we say :)

    But pictures?? Really!! Great!

  5. I think you have so many people to support you because you are always there for us. You are a good friend, I only wish we lived closer! I'm glad you liked the album. I saw it in your wish list and had to get it for you! Enjoy!

  6. Sweet post Zoe :)
    It doesn't surprise me that you have so many people that are there for :)
    Totally wish we lived closer.....I think we could have a lot of fun together!
    Hope things get back to normal in the "love shack" real soon!

  7. i'm sooo happy amonte is doing better & maybe will go back to school soon. such great news!

    and i'm happy i can leave some comment love @ least...i know i havent done much else cause i've had so many issues myself but you will 1 day get happy mail from me. you have been a wonderful friend to me...even when you had things going on for you. you are such a wonderful person...and i love reading your blog...i'm so happy i clicked over here from holly's those months ago. and i too wish we lived closer...we'd hang & have fun...and i'd would be grand. oh well, maybe we can meet 1 day somehow!

    i know i always say it...but i really luv ya!! xxox

  8. It is good to know you are on the upside again. Cyberfriends are a great help. You are lucky to have so much support.


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