Monday, March 3, 2008

Chunks anyone?

You may have notice from yesterdays post that I was not having a good day. I did manage to get the kids in bed on time and I had just settled down in front of the computer when I heard it. Gagging. I turned around and there is Cade "Me not feel good" in a whiny little voice. I tried to race him to the bathroom but he vomited all over the kitchen floor. While I was cleaning that up (and trying to keep Norm from eating it) he vomited in the bathroom sink. Plugging it up with chunks. Have I mentioned before that I don't do vomit?

I managed to get everything cleaned up with out hurling myself and put him on the couch to watch Casper. When Mark got home from work I warned him that Cade was on the couch and not feeling well. Within 5 minutes Mark was back "we have a problem". When he carried Cade to bed he noticed a horrid smell. Peyton had thrown up in his sleep. It was everywhere. He was covered. Mark actually asked me "should we wake him up?" Are you fucking kidding me???? No let's let him sleep in puke all night.

I woke Peyton and showered him. This time I did blow chunks as it smelled really bad and he was plastered with it. I even had to dig it out of one ear. While I cleaned up the bathroom Mark let Peyton drink an entire bottle of water. Guess who puked in his bed 15 minutes later?

It was a lovely end to a stellar day. Luckily today was emesis free. Just complaints of ouchie tummies.

Now here is the questions:

  • How the hell do you vomit in your sleep and never even wake up?
  • Aside from a time when you were so hammered you passed out-have any of you ever done this?
  • What is the best way to clean chunks of clothes and bedding before you wash it? In the summer I use the hose and power blast it off. Luckily for me Norm managed to gobble some of it off the laundry before I got to it.
  • Is there anything that gets that rank smell out-once carpet cleaner has failed?
Help a sister out!!!


  1. ok, i guess i should have NOT been eating my snickers bar when i read your post. eeeeeew. as for your questions - don't know how you could do that without waking up. my son would also, though. norm is nasty. i'd probably throw it all outside in the garage so i couldn't smell it. that's what we do with rotten stuff so it's easier to deal with. and i have no idea about the carpet deal. we have all hardwoods. and then you started OVER again?

  2. Ewww...I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I hate vomit...don't do it either. Although, being the only parental unit currently on call...I have no choice. I don't know what to tell you about any of your puke removal issues, though. At least Norm is good for something I guess.

  3. OMG Zoe!!
    Puking kids is one of my biggest fears! I handled it well when T-man got the stomach bug at 5 mo. old. He was easy to contain then. Now, well, I don't know how I'll do it!
    Hang in there. Hope everyone got it out of their systems! Norm would be trying to eat it too! Yuck!

  4. I hate throw up!!! So much so that I usually toss nasty puked on laundry into the washer- chunks and all- and hope for the best. Hope everyone's feeling better.

  5. OMG, OMG, OMG, I so feel for you as I don't do puke either. I don't know how he didn't wake up. Why would Mark let him down a ton of water? I hate when they puke in the sink. I'd spray it out in the sink while holding my breath.

  6. It's a fact. If you have kids, you are gonna do puke at some time. Usually when you are so sick yourself that you can barely lift your head, so thank your stars for something I guess.
    Yay! For being thankful you weren't too sick to clean up puke.
    Are I just little Mary Sunshine?

  7. Ok I must be like a puke magnet. My daughter has thrown up on me at least 6 different times. I can handle the smell and everything about it but I still hate to do it, lol. I've seen the whole sleeping-puking thing and I still don't get it.
    Oh the smell in the carpet, baking soda should work.

  8. Ok, can I just say that I cannot get past how freaking gross dogs really are! (mine would do the same & it is just wrong!)
    Shake the bedding, clothes, etc., out the back door-Norm will help out w/ that one??
    I love my Spring Fresh Pine-sol (or whatever fresh flowery & filled with chemicals & not so natural & 'green friendly' scent it is) I vote for that to clean up the after effects.
    Hope everyone is better!

  9. Yeah, I don't do puke either, and luckily, we have been relatively puke free so far. The one time Annika did puke though, it was all over me, my new slippers, the carpet, the bathroom. It was sooooo nasty. It was easy enough to clean though, so no suggestions on my part. And no, I've never barfed in my sleep, ewwww.

  10. I almost blew chunks just reading this Zoe.

    I can't even imagine throwing up while asleep and not knowing it, so no, I've never done it. The only thing I can think to get the chunks out is hang whatever it is in the shower and let the shower blast it, but then you have the whole bathtub issue. (ewwwwwww. gag.)

    And go see if you can find Fussy's secret recipe (
    for the smell.

  11. I dread the day we have to deal with puke. Reyna threw up the other day when she was sick, but it was just water. Thank God.

    I would try some oxy clean or some actual laundry detergent.

    Good luck. I hope the fam is feeling back to norm and that Ava stays puke free.

    No, I have NEVER puked in my sleep....not even when I was drunk. Eeww.

  12. OMG, you poor thing! I also do NOT do puke ... just thinking about it makes me want to vomit, just a little.

    You could try rinsing off the offending bedding in the kitchen sink (excellent if you have a garbage disposal) before washing in the machine.

    And I've never a.) puked in my sleep nor b.) can I figure out how children do this.

    Have you tried some febreeze? And there is a thing called "anti-icky-poo" for pet smells ... you might want to try that on your carpet. If it can get out the cat pee smell, for SURE it can get out the vomit smell.

  13. 1. I've never hurled in my sleep and remained asleep, but my son has. He usually awakes moments later confused and miserable, however. He doesn't REMAIN asleep. Oh, and I've cleaned barf out of ears before, as well.

    2. Fabreeze.

    3. I'd throw the clothing and bedding away and start again.

  14. i have never done it in sleep! my kids have!!! yucko!!! serioulsy i get anxiety about the throw up bug!!! i feel like this time of the year, we are doomed. then after it passes, i feel like we'll be fine for a while! i did jinx myself once by thinking you can't get it two times in a row.... BIG mistake. you can!!!

    as for the stench how about baking soda. i haven't tried it but i heard it works.

    good luck. hope it gets better!!!

  15. Ewww. Sorry you had to deal with all this and hope the worst is behind you now!

  16. *GULP* I think I'm gonna hurl after reading your post.

  17. I think I would have hurled as well. I don't do vomit either. Hope it gets better for ya.

  18. Oh god! I HATE puke, the sound the smell. Just for the record one of the most HORRID smells from puke is when they puke up milk. OMG!
    I suggest getting out the steam cleaner (yes even on non-carpet surfaces) and running it over that one time. Then Febreeze and Lysol!
    Oh god. I hope they stop barfing.
    And no I have never barfed in my sleep. But I have many times that I do not recall barfing. Hmmmm

  19. BLECH....Thanks, I don't think I can eat dinner.

    I can barely deal with one kid puking, I don't know how you cleaned up after two pukers. Eww..

  20. Just came across your blog and had to comment. I have 3 boys, all of whom had the stomach virus during the course of last week. I don't do vomit in any way, shape, or form!! But I survived, unwillingly. My advice, if you have a garbage disposal, rinse off the chunks there and then grind them down the sink. Nasty but effective. Then I wash in hot water. Blech. Thank God we own a carpet shampooer, we cleaned a lot of carpeting last week!

  21. PS - Your comment on my Panera Bread post really made my day. I'm a sick, sick woman.

  22. My kids can puke in there sleep too! At least you handled yourself well! im the type of mom that is yelling at her kids saying,"make it to the tiolet, let me know when you are done, and when they come out, i give them a wipe and tell them to make sure it is half way decent and at least flushed befor I go and sanitize it!. horrible I know!

  23. Oh jeez, Zoe. You sure get the good ones, dontcha?

    Wynnie had rotavirus a few months ago and threw up in her sleep, then immediately woke up and started screaming. She also refuses to barf anywhere but the sink... that leaves me cleaning out chunks with paper towels.

    Aren't kids great?

    I was going to write a post last week called "I have vomit on my socks and mucous on my pants" but I couldn't even get through the writing of it to get it posted.

    Good luck. I hope it was the 24 hour variety of stomach bug.

  24. oh man.
    i hate dealing with puke too.
    sage threw up when we were in arizona...while we were sleeping in the same bed. and she had refried beans for dinner.
    it seriously took 4 baths to get all of the beans out.


    i hope you're having a puke free day.

  25. I don't have any cleaning tps for ya, but I wrote a few tips on my blog last week about not passing the stomach flu around the entire household :)

  26. Oh Zoe! This would have been a nice story at lunch today! I feel for you I don't do vomit either even if it is my kids, just can't stomach it.

    Glad I got to see you this week! We really should get together with or without the kids! I could use your healing humor and well you could use me for something I'm sure LOL.

  27. yuck, i hate puke. sorry...hope everyone is feeling better!!


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