Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carnival of Crazy: Admission free

I have been tagged by LeeAnn and Anne for seven random things about me. I truly must be a giant freak show because I can always come up with something random and usually a bit odd.

  1. I have two tattoos and plan to have more. I love the way it feels.
  2. I used to have my belly button pierced but then I got fat. Nobody wants to see that.
  3. I have tons of chicken pox scars. I had an absolutely horrid case.
  4. When I worked public health my entire office was struck by head lice...including me.
  5. When I was pregnant with Ava I wanted to drink Tide...but I didn't.
  6. I never wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to work in fashion.
  7. I have been clinically depressed since elementary school.
  8. I got drunk for the first time in 6th grade.
  9. I used to party with rock stars.
  10. I hit a cop car-but didn't get a ticket :)
  11. I have been to driver improvement twice.
  12. Once, I threw up a jellyfish.
  13. I hate yellow gold.
  14. I never go anywhere without mascara.
I really stink at tagging people. If you want me to get to know you better go ahead and post seven JUICY things about you.

Ok and try to act shocked. I have more bling. It's The Daily Dose Award. As I am one of witchypoo's daily must reads. Now, I know I am her cyber bitch and all but don't be hate'n.

I am to give this to three of my daily must reads. That is a hard one! Do you think Perez Hilton would accept it? No? Well then : Law student Hot Mama (especially since I screwed up her last award!), Don Mills Diva and Melinda.


  1. Okay, you had some in there that I could relate to-- I always wanted to have my navel pierced, and I always said I would when I got a flat tummy/hard abs... then I had three kids... that ship has sailed. I do however, want a tattoo... but I'm a wimp.

    And I know people will want to know the answer to this-- You THREW UP a jellyfish-- WTF????

  2. you gave us double for our money! i'd like to see a post about the jellyfish. and what did you do for the cop so he didn't give you a ticket? the only one i can relate to is the mascara one. being blonde and fair i look like a ghost (i think). boy i'd like to see posts about most of these. mine look lame next to yours. thanks. ;~P

  3. Ok, so you've got me wonderin' too? Tell me more about numbers 9 and 12. Inquiring minds want to know...

  4. I never leave without mascara either. My first drunk was 7th grade. Kool aid does not take the pine taste of gin away.

  5. Unlike Robyn I rather enjoy the pine taste of Gin (not too many people have ever understood my explaining that Gin tastes like pine-too funny!)

    I too have many curiosities now about questions: 9, 10 & 12

    Details girl!

    Hop you have a great Friday!

  6. Did you think when you ate the jellyfish that it was a jello shot?
    That's the only explanation I can think of for it. I knew most of the other things about you, but you are one fascinating woman!

  7. you threw up a jellyfish??!?
    DETAILS please!

    and i actually want to get my nose pierced. but i'm a sissy.

    maybe once i get in shape here...

    i need a link to that site you started again!! now that i'm actually doing

  8. I have one tattoo and would consider another. There was a thrill from getting it that hasn't gone away! My Dad still doesn't know I have it but I think my Mom does.
    Zoe, inquiring minds want to know about 9, 10, and 12???

  9. I. Can't. Get. Past. This.
    "Once, I threw up a jellyfish."

    You MUST do a whole separate blog about #12. I insist!

  10. Yes more deatils on the jelly fish, EWWWWW!

  11. I took out my belly button ring when I decided to get pregnant, even though I didn't get pregnant for about two more years. While I was pregnant the hole stretched very oddly, it became diagonal and very long. Imagine how it would look with a ring in it! Barf!

  12. I just have two questions.

    1. Which rock stars?

    2. Had you eaten the jelly fish prior to throwing it up, or was it a complete surprise to all involved?

  13. I remember you saying that you made out with Bret Michaels. Lucky Girl back in the day! Although I don't think that he has aged well and now you wouldn't be so lucky!

    Have you been watching the Rock of Love II?

  14. I'm back among the land of the living...:-) I think my favorite is the I don't think I want to those pics of the kids "not" with the bunny...

  15. YES! I got an actual award! Thanks, man.

    And I MUST know how you threw up the jellyfish. That's HAWT.

  16. I just did this one, but those were pretty juicy!

  17. Trying to imagine what must be ingested to produce (and after what gestation period) a jellyfish. And was either end of that process more or less pleasurable than the other. And if so, why?

    All seem, to this mind, like fair questions.

  18. Wow. I have heard about people wanting to eat dirt but never Tide. Never detergent before.

    And throwing up a jellyfish? I wanna know more!

  19. how did you throw up a jellyfish?!?!?

  20. The Tide thing is pretty freaky . .. I'm so glad you didn't drink it!

    And I'm totally with you on the tat thing!

  21. Excuse me but did you say you threw up a jellyfish? OMG, can we say yuck? I am getting the heebies just thinking about it.

    Alrighty, let me pull up my sleeves see what I can do.

  22. Holy shit! I think those are your best random facts yet! How exactly does one end up throwing up a jellyfish, anyway? And, rock stars? I want details! I should have called you a couple of weeks ago about the head lice thing. My poor neighbor's daughter came home from school with lice. Of course, said neighbor's husband is also deployed. She called me bawling her eyes out, but I have never had lice, and don't know the first thing about treating them. And, let's face it...there was no way in hell that I was going into her house to help!


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