Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And the Oscar goes to....

Peyton for best performance as a mistreated child in a tragic comedy!!!!

  • Peyton has been a little challenging lately. That in itself is an understatement. He was the second one to get sick last week and of course it was all about the everything with Peyton usually is. His cough was the worst, his fever was the highest and he did get a raging migraine to go along with it all. He also vomited repeatedly in my bed and never in his. He missed his Valentines party at school which was a huge ordeal as he is quiet the ladies man and was sure the girls all had something extra special for him.
  • Recently a classmates father passed away unexpectedly. Sadly, the boy is the one who found his father. The mother and the teacher decided not to discuss it with the class. I found out third hand from another classmates mother when Peyton and her daughter told her. I respect this mothers desire for privacy and to have things remain as normal as possible for her son. However, he is discussing it with his friends and I don't think they are fully able to comprehend the situation without some adult guidance. Since this, Peyton has been having an incredibly difficult time sleeping...which doesn't improve his mood any (or mine). He has also been asking even more questions than usual about god and death. Many that I simply do not have good answers for.
  • Yesterday we took him for his dental exam and he totally flipped out. He has never done that before. He has 2 big teeth coming in behind his baby teeth and he is nuts about it. They are going to have to pull 4 lower babies to make room. To do this I will have to bring him back and have him sedated because he was such a mess. He spent the rest of the day asking me repeatedly when he had to go back to the dentist. He even woke me up at 3 am this morning to ask "when?".
  • I'm reasonably certain I am raising a pubescent girl as opposed to a 6 year old boy. All I hear lately is "I hate you!", "You're the meanest mom ever!", "You never let me do anything!", "I hate this house and everyone in it!", "I wanna live with someone else!", "Nobody here even loves me!". Add in lots of tears, hysterics and door slamming.
  • Yesterday after the dental fiasco took him to see the Spiderwick Chronicals, just the two of us. I felt he really needed some individual time and I wanted to focus on him. We had a great time. He was pleasant, funny and well behaved. I'm not sure who needed it or him. But the second we returned home he threw a roll of toilet paper at his brother and stomped around the house.
  • In an effort to make him hate me even more I have banned all video and computer games Monday through Friday. I found he was spending way to much time isolated away from the rest of us filling his head with mush. He has been caught twice hiding in the closet playing his brothers Leapster. Now they are all locked up. I seriously believe he is having withdrawals.
Don't worry. There are no Oscar parties in his near future or anything else fun for that matter.


  1. I'm sure you ask yourself the same question that is now clunking around in my tiny little brain: "How, dear Lord, oh, how, can someone that heart-stoppingly gorgeous be such a little turd?"

  2. Oh yay! Just what you need. Let's hope this passes...soon!

  3. Oh dear, he is having a rough time. Seriously though, the school needs to bring in a grief counselor if this little boy continues to talk about this in school...which he will. You should say something.

  4. Poor ladies man missing out on Valentine's Day. I can't believe they wouldn't discuss the death at school. Or at least inform the parents, to discuss it somehow. I understand the frustration you must have with the questions. I wish I could make my stepson interact more with us, but he has been isolating also. I can just picture Peyton in a closet with the leapster.

  5. your kids are all so cute. I don't beleive anything you say about hime after seeing his angelic face. It is alway something, isn't it? Hopefully this will pass quickly.

  6. Well, to say I know exactly how you feel would be an understatement. I'm sure you know this, but it will get better. Hazel has been doing WORLDS better...especially since she started taking gymnastics. But, you gotta' be able to look at it, and chuckle a little, right? At least about the Valentine party. Poor little guy...couldn't get his groove on on the big V-Day. LOL!

  7. wow... is it too late to return my son?? I know im in it with my daughter... but i thought one got a free passs with a boy...
    crap crap crap.

  8. How funny! Sounds like you have a grand ole' time laughing at your kids (or crying???).

  9. Awww... poor guy...missed out on Valentines Day with the girls at school. Life is so hard at that age isn't it?? LOL

  10. LOL!! That was an awesome post!! I can totally relate.


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