Thursday, October 4, 2007

My thoughts today...

This morning as I was leaving the school I heard something I haven't heard in years...The Pledge of Allegiance. It got me thinking.

Here is my disclaimer: I may totally piss some people off with this. I welcome your comments though, good or bad...because I am a comment whore.

I started school in PA. The pledge came on over the loud speaker every am and the entire school rose, with their hand over their heart and recited it. My friend Renee and I once had a giggle fit during the pledge and lost recess for a week.

When we moved to MI. there was no pledge at school. No flag day celebrations either. Then today as I was dropping Cade off I heard the pledge coming from a classroom.

My question/thought is...does this pledge contribute to the American way of thinking that we are "the best"...that we are "right"...that we "matter" at any cost?

No, I do not hate America. I just acknowledge that "our way" isn't always the best way. I acknowledge that other cultures have values and belief systems that are kinder and gentler.

There is a whole wave of hatred for America. Do we deserve it? (check out I hate America )
Are we indivisible? Does being so mean we have to support the war...the culture of bigger and better...the "us vs. them" thinking?


  1. I think the flag represents our freedom, and I am very thankful to have it. I think the same for the pledge of allegiance too. At least in this country we can have our own opinions. =)

  2. I love reading your blog and I think that you are a riot. I do disagree about the pledge of allegiance and flag day, ect. We are soooooo lucky to be able to get an education, voice our opinions, and live freely. So many people have lost their lives so that we can live this way. Shouldn't we have some respect???

  3. We haven't once recited the Pledge in the 9 years I ahve been teaching, but we do have flags in our rooms.
    Whats with your Facebook Sucks banner? I love Facebook!

  4. I agree with you and your view about the pledge and in general that The United States of America is rather narcissistic. Notice that I said the "United States of America" as opposed to "America" because guess what, there are lots of other countries in the Americas and we tend to think we are the only one. Yes, there are countries that don't allow for as many individual freedoms as we have here in the United States but there are also other countries that do as you say, have "values and belief systems that are kinder and gentler." Many countries have education systems that are free from preschool-university level. How amazing would that not have debt coming out of college?! Universal health, not all of the countries that offer this are horrible in health care. Anyway, just thought I'd share my opinion (yes, I know, it isn't a "right" everywhere.)

  5. To Marisa I would much rather go into debt to my "eye-balls" for my education or for my childrens' education before I would give up my freedom. I think of D-Day and of how many of thousands of men lost their lives all in one day just to keep us free so that today we can still speak English in our schools. Think of what Hitler did to the Jews.

    I am proud to be an American of the United States of America, and I am proud of ALL the men and women who have fought and died fighting for our freedom. If we weren't free, education would mean NOTHING because we probably wouldn't have it. I respect the Flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance out of respect for every service men and women.

    In the United States of America, we are FREE and our oportunities are endless. As for free preschool, who cares???? If I couldn't afford it, I wouldn't do it. I never went to preschool, but I am still college educated, I paid for every cent of my education. Yes I was in debt but it's paid now. I wouldn't want a communist government just to get a free education.

    As for your narcissistic comment, who do you think is narcissistic?

  6. Hey Marissa! Why do you live here anyway?????

  7. guess this turned out to be quite the topic. :)

    i think the flag does represent freedom. i am proud to live here. i am thankful i do not live in many other countries. i just heard someone on the radio yesterday morning from ireland who said he came here because it was better and that he would not change one thing about america. it is what it is! we have the right to voice our opinions and chose the direction of our lives.

    the pledge of allegiance - i recited it every morning in elementary school. i think it is out of respect for what our country has gone through to keep its freedom, to fight for it. i can tell you that it is still recited by our county commissioners at their board meetings. i think its cool.

    good post zoe!


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