Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh my Dog

  • 3 pairs of Crocs-$60
  • 2 cell phone chargers-$50
  • 3 pairs of shin guards-$30
  • 1 pair of soccer cleats-$35
  • 1 Kenneth Cole diaper bag-$75
  • 2 pairs of flip flops-$18
  • 1 stuffed bear-$15
  • 1 Genevieve stuffed dog-$22
  • 2 stuffed lobsters-$14
  • 5 books-$45
  • 7 action figures-$72
  • 1 hospital trip-$298
  • 1 neuter-$150
  • 1 flea dip/grooming-$45

Having a dog who cleans the cat litter box and his own poo from the backyard: PRICELESS.


  1. HAHAHHA! Dogs are so sick. Ours eat their crap too. Whats more disgusting is when they come inside and barf it up. BLEHHHH!

    Do you crate your dog at night and when you guys are gone?

  2. Our old dog ate the TV remote control and then passed it. The rubber number pad/buttons came out whole! Dogs will make you crazy but you can't help but love em!

  3. Dog-gone dogs anyways! I agree w/ Nic! We crate our dogs when gone & @ night :)


  4. OMG so funny!
    Our dogs all stay outside for a few reasons:
    1) They are Golden Retrievers and shed like crazy!
    2) They do that kind of stuff...(eating poop, throwing up and then eating it, etc)....yuk!
    3) I hate dog smell....even after they have had a good scrub there STILL is that doggie stench.
    So yeah.....outside is where they belong! LOL


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