Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm too sexy for my shirt

Cade never wears a shirt or much else for that matter. But if he is hot or wants to be comfy the first thing that comes off is his shirt. Sunday we were at my parents and he was shirtless as usual. My stepdad kept teasing him "I like your shirt"..."That's a cool shirt! Where did you get it?". Cade would laugh and then ask me about his "shirt". After several hours of this I didn't feel like playing along anymore.

Grandpa-Cool shirt Cade where did you get it?
Cade-Momma where did you get my cool shirt?
Me-In utero.
Cade-*Thinks this is hysterical even though he has no clue what it means-Now walks around the house the rest of the night singing* In UTEROOOooooo.

So I'm getting ready for work this am and I'm curling my hair in just my pants and a bra...Peyton walks in and real sarcastically says "Cool shirt mom...where'd ya get it in grandmas UFO?"

What a dork. I got it where all fat lactating women get their huge nursing bras...Target.


  1. LOL! That's hilarious. Thanks for putting a little smile on my face...I DEFINITELY needed that today!

  2. Hah! I am sooo looking forward to having Preston entertain me in these ways!

  3. You make some GOOD LOOKIN kids!
    Cute pic!


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