Friday, October 5, 2007

Ah relief.

As usual I woke up late today. I got out of bed and stepped on a scraggly piece of plastic Norm had been chewing on. I did not have time to figure out where it had come from. My legs were in knots from Cade sleeping on them all night and my neck was stiff from Ava sleeping under my chin. I jumped in the shower...lathered my hair...what no lather? Ahhhh. Had put a huge glob of expensive face soap with exfoliaters into my hair. Rinse a zillion time while standing on one foot...other foot being used to hold down the lever to the tub drain so I don't have to shower in 6 inches of water. Race around. Realize my only set of keys are locked in the car. Shove a kid through a half open window. Drop off a screaming Ava. Pull in the school parking lot and realize Cade has no money in his account. Go across the street to the ATM. Get flipped off by some bitch who thought she was in line a head of me...long story...I live in freaking hillbilly land I swear. Take the boys into childcare. Leave Cade's lunch money in the car. Walk back to the car...realize lunch money is in my pocket. Drive to work and miss the shuttle. Arrive at work..LATE...again. Luckily nobody care as only 1 solitary patient is breastfeeding. Normally that would piss me off...but today it is just a relief.


  1. Hope your day gets better:) Keep reminding yourself...TGIF...TGIF...TGIF!

  2. Oh man. I won't even complain about my day! I put mistakenly put baby oil in my hair instead of shampoo once. I was going on only my second date with my now husband. I looked like ass. Went and had my hair french braided. Oh god, it was awful!


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