Monday, October 1, 2007

Missing the science gene

As you could see from my 8th grade science test I am not a rocket scientist. I am afraid that I may have unintentionally passed this to my offspring in the form of some type of genetic mutation...most likely caused by the excessive consumption of chai lattes during the early months of pregnancy.

The other night we were in the kitchen having dinner (yeah it was a hot -n- ready pizza...but that still qualifies as dinner and we were all eating together which adds nutritional value to any meal) when Peyton noticed a bee. Now a year ago this would have required us to activate our emergency evacuation plan and administer an obscene amount of benadryl to act as a sedative. But since the "cool" kid on the bus catches them with his hat and kills them this is no longer an issue.

P-Hey! Catch that bee! I want some honey on my pizza.
M-Eww. Honey on pizza? Besides how do I get the honey?
P- Duh! You don't know?
M-No, please tell me.
P-You squeeze it from their butts!
M- Really, I thought it came from a hive.
P-NOOO. You squeeze it from their butts. But you might want to kill it first cause they get really mad....just like you do when daddy smacks your butt.

Hopefully he will excel in math.


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