Saturday, October 13, 2007

Norm's a little teapot

Last night I went to bed and left Norm in the living room to watch tv with Amonte. I figured just because I was off to bed didn't mean Norm had to be. I gave Amonte strict instructions to WATCH him and out him in the crate when he went to bed.

Around 1 am I was awakened by what I thought was the tune of "I'm a little teapot". But when I got oriented I heard nothing so I figured it was a weird ass dream..which I am known to have.

A few minutes later Norms nose is right in my face and he is whiny and shaking. I figured he needed to potty so I got my butt out of bed. He did not follow. I hollered for him to come on. He whined and shook. I thought maybe Sybil was being a bitch and had him cornered. No Sybil. Nothing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the lid to Ava's teapot. WTF?

I picked it up and it played I'm a little teapot. Norm pissed on the floor. He was TERRIFIED of it. After I got done laughing at him and cleaning up the pee...that part was not funny. I went to the living room where Amonte's lazy ass was watching tv...oblivious to the fact his stupid dog had tried to eat a teapot and was urinating on the floor.

M-Amonte watch this! * push the button and play the tune*
Norm-Runs around in circles with his tail between his legs.
M-*push it again...I'm evil*
Norm-barks and hides under the chair

Repeat scenario x 5.

*Yawn*...give lid to Amonte so he can torture Norm and go back to bed.

Plan to try it again when I get home from work.


  1. I love it! How about "Norm's A Little Pee-Pot"
    Now & then I will find a toy of Isaac's that Rudy has attempted to claim as his own that makes noise & scares the piss out of him, but nothing to top that story! Hysterical! We need pictures of Norm to appreciate the true magnitude of this story :)

  2. That is too funny! My Norman is afraid of everything! Right now he's terrified of the house a few doors down that is decorated for Halloween. He won't walk by!

  3. Seriously, you can write, girl.

  4. HA LINA!!! I love that! I little pee pot!!!

  5. Zoe-he is adorable!!! I was expecting a big old slobber-puss of a dog! Our Rudy is a big old 80 lb., hair shedding, neuroticly nervous golden retriever who thinks he is a lap dog. I think Norm is a cutie :)


  6. Girl, seriously...have you ever considered stand-up comedy? I swear, reading your blogs always puts a smile on my face, and usually warrants a laughing fit or two. Thanks for the laugh. :0) "Little Pee-Pot"...bwahahahaha!


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