Sunday, October 21, 2007

Glow in the dark karate *HI-YAH*

Conversation in the car today:
Me: Wow. You guys have been really good today. Did you get hit by lightening???
Cade: Yeah. This morning before I got up it hit me.
Me: Really? You got hit by lightening? Did it hurt?
Cade: Yeah. He hit me right in the eye.
Me: The lightening did?
Cade: Yeah and in the pie hole too.
Peyton: I'm starving.
Me: Are we talking about lightening still?
Cade:Yeah. That little flashing bug. Him keeps getting me. He does karate chops on my tummy. *sigh*
Me: OHHHH. The lightening bug.
Cade: Yeah. He kicked me right in the eye.
Me: I'm so sorry to hear that!
Cade: Then, he pooped in my bed.
Me: Gross...lightening bug poop.
Peyton: I'm starving to death.
CAde: Yeah. Umm. Ummm. I buried him in a hole.
Me: Oh, where did you bury him?
Cade: In another world.
Me: What world is that?
Peyton: Most likely Michigan State. It's gross there. I'm starving.
Cade: Yeah that's where.



  1. Ha ha...sounds like any given conversation in the back of my car! My step-dad went to UofM, so yay! Go Blue!


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