Saturday, October 13, 2007

20 months

Your Majesty,
Today you are 20 months old. It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms marveling at the miracle of your birth...amazed by your tiny perfection.
At 20 months you:

  • Still hardly speak. You say :"mom, hey, hi, bye and up". You can sign about 20 words. Speech is going slow. They have determined there are some muscle tone issues. More than anything I just want to hear you say "love you".
  • You can't stand to for me to be upset with you. The naughty spot breaks your heart.
  • When you are angry at me you refuse to make eye contact with me. I hate leaving you in the morning when you won't even look at me.
  • You still don't sleep through the night. When you wake up you get right in my face and say "MOM". You demand a prompt response.
  • You still nurse, probably more frequently than you should. If I tell you no you sob and are inconsolable.
  • You refuse to let me feed you.
  • You hate having your hair done, your diaper changed or getting dressed.
  • You love to dance, to color, push your doll stroller and read books.
  • You love Norm all most as much as me. Luckily he is very patient with you.
  • You are obsessed with shoes and purses. Such a smart girl!

I love watching you change, learn and grow....everyday is something new. Happy 20 months funny bunny.


Play nice in the sand box or I'll smack you in the face with a shovel.

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