Sunday, November 25, 2007

and finally

For my third and final installment: I will reach a grand total of 28 random things. 42 is simply way out of my reach.

TMI about the family unit:

  1. When my brother was little I convinced him that my mom had found him in the gutters of New York City. I called him gutter baby and he believed me.
  2. My mom is an amazing cook. Part of me is resentful that she never taught me and another part of me is thankful-now nobody will expect me to cook Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. My mom, grandmother and uncles have never been on time for anything in their entire lives. EVER.
  4. My grandmother is a hoarder. It is horrible. It scares me so much that I save nothing.
  5. My brother is an engineer with a degree from U of M. He spells phone-fone. If he doesn't use spell check I can't read his e-mail.
  6. My mom and step dad were married for about 12 years before my step brother would say more than 2 words to me with out becoming beat red. He was 10 when I had Amonte. Amonte was 10 when I had Peyton.
  7. My mom used to be a trucker.


  1. My mom and step dad are the late ones in my family.. They were late to there own wedding.. seriously.. I am glad to know that my family isn't the only ones with that tendensy.

  2. I stole from an old Bill Cosby routine and told my little brother he was adopted.
    "Mom and dad are not your real parents"
    "The police are your mother and father."
    Then my other brother and I laughed like fools when he cried.
    He has forgiven me for torture I inflicted upon him when I was too immature to censor myself.

  3. Oh, #5, and you know that one gets me!

  4. I loved #3 and the gutter boy thing - too funny! Take care, Kellan

  5. these were great. i loved your three installments.

  6. Soul sister. Seriously - were we separated at birth?! I nodded yes with so many of these. Love it!

    By the way, I say a little prayer every night before I go to sleep wishing that some day my children are as funny as yours. They have cute moments on most days, but humor would go a lot farther in terms of earning their keep.

  7. WOW!! What an ambitious girl are you! I would have copped out and just listed seven. You are too Funny!

  8. my maternal grandparents were hoarders too. And now my Mom is. I think it has a lot to do with surviving the great depression.

  9. zoe, your posts are classic! I absolutley love reading them! Just when I think I couldn't possibly laugh any come up with another zinger!

  10. What a mean big sister...convincing your brother he was found in a gutter in NYC. LOL! And, that kills me about your well-educated brother than can't spell to save his life. Obviously, English wasn't a required course for an engineering degree! ;0)

  11. I can't get enough of your posts!! You make me laugh!!!!

  12. Gosh! That's a lot to share! I don't think you give yourself enough credit, you are interesting. I really doubt I could come up with that many random things!

  13. I have a mental image of your mom as Mrs. Beaver or Timmy's mom from Lassie since she's the greatest cook ever. And now you threw in the truck driver thing. Quite funny, actually.

    Those intelligent types like your bro are usually the worst at common sense type things.


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