Friday, November 2, 2007

Partyin' like Ms. Spears

The boys Halloween parties were excessively indulgent. I do believe every parent provided at least one treat...after all it is a contest ya know. There was enough candy at each of them to satisfy a tribe of menstruating women. There's nothing like spending the morning with 18 preschoolers on a total sugar high. Then spending the afternoon with 22 kindergartners hopped up on pixie sticks. Thought I'd share pics of the only partyin' I get to do these days!

Cade at his party. He was not fond of his mask.

When Peyton found a pixie stick he literally screamed "I've got SUGAR!!!"

Ava snatched a cookie off a plate in the blink of an eye. Peyton generously offered his to the victim of her assault.
This was the result of her thievery. Pretty.
I can feel your jealousy radiating through my keyboard.


  1. And you know that cookie was thoroughly enjoyed! So cute!

  2. hope they shared those pixie sticks!

  3. Your kids are so freakin cute!
    The boys look like they are little partners in crime. And that how she's lovin that cookie :)


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