Sunday, November 25, 2007

TMI about MOI

Ok. I have been tagged by: Mary, Michelle, Jenny, Denise, Anne and Melissa for the 7 random things about me. Does this mean I have to do 42 things? I'm really not that creative or witty. Or interesting for that matter. Hmm. I think I'll break some of this up.

14 Things about me:

  1. I have an extremely sensitive gag reflex. Brushing my teeth can make me puke. Coughing=puke. Bad smells (like the ones Norm is emitting right now) cause me to gag and then puke.
  2. I suffer from motion sickness. I can not stand things that go round and round. I can't even watch them. I also can not ride in the back of a van or bus.
  3. One time a guy I was dating took Amonte and I to the Cleveland zoo. It was ungodly hot and I had on a sun dress and a very skimpy thong. We went into the petting zoo. A goat ripped my undies off and ate them. He did not complete this task subtly either.
  4. I am addicted to Coke. The drink. Otherwise I would be skinny. If I haven't had my coke by 10 am you'd better stay the hell away from me.
  5. I love to watch people. I also like to talk about the people I watch.
  6. I have food rules which can not be violated.
  7. I never leave the house without mascara on.
  8. My parents divorced when I was a toddler and I have never seen or spoken to my father since.
  9. I am compulsive and impulsive. I am driven to do certain things as if by motor (shopping for example). I rarely think things through. I leap before I look. This has not always served me well.
  10. I am obsessive. About stupid trivial things.
  11. I am indecisive. I will obsess over a decision but never really make one until forced to do so.
  12. I have no clue what my real hair color is. I have been dying it since the 6th grade.
  13. I was voted most eccentric in high school.
  14. I love the rain. It does not depress me. It could rain everyday. When I was little I remember desperately trying to hear the rain over the laughter and music in the house. All I wanted was the rain.
I think I am the last person in cyber space to be tagged with this. OMG! It is junior high gym class all over again!


  1. We have the rain thing in common as well as a birthday, do you think it is the time of year we were born? By the way, I've never been tagged and I'm not quite sure what that means, could you enlighten me?

  2. I guess with your gag reflex, bj's are so out of the question?
    Heh. Great excuse!
    I have to go now and wash my mind out with soap.

  3. Your answers are the best! Had me rolling!! Why be the last to be tagged??
    Love the name of the post btw!


  4. I just about spit my orange juice all over the computer reading your lists! :-)

  5. Your gag reflexes sound like NIcoles. She is bad, too. Loved reading all of the random facts. Way too funny. I like the goat one. How in the world did he get your thong????

    Oh, could we push drinks back to next week on Tuesday? We are in the process of doing some major work to our house and I think next week would be better. ?

  6. OMG! #3, is so Funny but I am sure so Incredibly Embarrassing!

  7. holy cow..the thong eating goat is a story that will go on living long into the future. That is freaking HILARIOUS

  8. I think you and I must be long-lost relatives. I love the rain, am addicted to Coke (the diet Coke, please), compulsive, impulsive, obsessive...check, love to people-watch (the DMV and airports are the best for this sport), and I also have no idea what my real hair color is. The goat story, however...that's just too hilarious, and I'm glad we don't have that in common! ;0)

  9. The goat, killing me, can't breathe!!!


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